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6 Tips On Keeping Your Place Of Work Cleaner While Also Saving Some Money

6 Tips On Keeping Your Place Of Work Cleaner While Also Saving Some Money

Every business needs to keep their office clean for their employees, and even if you can’t afford a full-time cleaning service to come in every day, there are still plenty of things that you can do to keep your workplace looking professional.

The Following Tips Will Help You Get Started On Keeping Your Place Of Work Cleaner While Also Saving Some Money.

Wipe Down Desktops Once A Week With Disinfectant Wipes

Keeping desktops wiped down is an easy way to prevent the spread of germs while also making room for new documents or letterhead. You shouldn’t need anything more powerful than something like Disinfecting Wipes. They contain enough bacteria-fighting power without being too harsh for most non-porous surfaces, especially if you choose the original version.

Make Sure Trash Cans Are Emptied At Least Once A Day

Trashcan spills and odours can make people feel unclean, and employees will often avoid going near them or working on their desks if it means sitting anywhere near one of these disgusting messes. Make sure you empty your company’s trash cans every night, even more frequently if they’re not sealed tight enough to prevent smells from leaking through.

Clean Printers With Disinfecting Wipes As Well

A lot of germs like to hide in all those little nooks and crannies that cover printers, fax machines, and copiers. To kill these nasty bugs without damaging delicate surfaces, try commercial cleaning or something like Disinfecting Wipes, which provide plenty of cleaning power in a low-scent formula.

Keep Hand Sanitizer In Every Room

Imagine trying to print an important document when you suddenly notice a puddle of water on your desk and a paper towel you used on it has fallen on the floor behind the printer. You realise that you left your hand sanitiser back in your office, but by the time you get there, another employee has already walked up behind you with one and offered to let you use some from their bottle. 

This is why everyone at work needs to have access to some sort of germ-fighting product, even if they need something as simple as a hand sanitiser. Keeping this around can save people from awkward situations like those seen above.

Replace Office Light Bulbs Twice Per Year

A lot of germs like to live in office lighting fixtures, and these nasties can get into the air you’re breathing. To cut down on this, consider replacing your office’s regular light bulbs with germ-killing bulbs that release ozone or ultraviolet rays into the air. You’ll see a large price difference between CFLs that kill bacteria versus ones that only provide standard lighting, so go ahead and get double use out of your lamps by switching over to something like Fluorescent Tubes, which are good for 10,000 hours of regular use.

Clean Offices Often Enough To Keep Stains From Setting In

Office carpeting is usually some type of cheap fabric, so it tends to stain easily when someone spills coffee or paint onto it. In order to keep these stains from setting in, clean up these messes within a few minutes of them happening before they can soak into carpet fibers. You don’t need anything special for this – just use a regular vacuum on high-traffic areas and some simple dish soap for smaller spots.

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