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5 Tips for a COVID-Safe Office as Infections Spread Again

5 Tips for a COVID-Safe Office as Infections Spread Again

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The pandemic may never really end. Variants pop up, and now there’s the “DeltaCron” hybrid. So once again, it would help if you created a COVID-safe office for staff protection.

Always Keep on Cleaning

It would be best if you understood the importance of hygiene at work by now. The past couple of years has taught us that we need to do more than wash our hands. Sanitization should be present throughout your workplace, with anti-COVID sprays and wipes being used immediately after someone has touched something. For example, you should clean shared computers or printers after each use. Of course, you can’t be there all the time. But professional commercial cleaning services have adapted and upped their game to include COVID sanitization practices.

Create a COVID-Safe Office by Reorganizing

Employees were not permitted to work during the lockdown. Vaccination rates are high, and people are back to work. However, not everyone is vaccinated, so safety should always be a priority. Organizing your office might be necessary. You can limit contact by reducing the number of people per desk and moving furniture around. Additionally, some companies are using hybrid offices. Hybrid office apps allow you to reserve desks, so you don’t have to work close to others. You could also consider using scheduling apps like Trello and ToDoist to manage employees.

Encourage or Enforce Social Distancing Policies

COVID levels are significantly lower than two years ago. However, infections are still happening, and therefore, social distancing is still relevant at the office and in public spaces. Masks aren’t required by law any more in most countries. But they still keep you from getting sick. In places like shopping malls and cinemas, masks are a must to stay safe while mingling. Of course, you can’t make your clients or employees wear masks as a business. But you can reduce the chances of COVID infection by encouraging employees to keep at least two meters apart.

Educate Employees About the Benefits of Vaccines

COVID is still a danger, but countless lives have been saved, and infections are very low because of vaccines. While it’s everyone’s right to choose, and you cannot force employees to get one. But you can educate them about the benefits of a vaccine. Unfortunately, many people are misinformed about vaccinations through far-right conspiracy sites and propaganda. It would be helpful to distribute emails and leaflets to employees with hard facts about COVID vaccination from official sources like the global WHO, America’s CDC, and Britain’s NHS.

Provide Facilities for More Remote Work

Remote work has been a Godsend during the pandemic. Many employees now work from home regularly, and it is highly beneficial to offer remote work where you can. Fortunately, two years of increased risk means you can quickly adapt your business for remote work. However, some sectors cannot use it. Apps like Zoom and Teams make meetings a breeze. In addition, you can provide facilities for accessing company systems via cloud computing and remote networking connections. Consult with your network administrator or managed IT company for details.


The threat of COVID looms yet again. With increased risk comes the need to protect employees. Regular cleaning, social distancing, and office reorganization contribute to safety.

5 Tips for a COVID-Safe Office as Infections Spread Again

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