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How Can You Improve Accountability Within Your Firm?

How Can You Improve Accountability Within Your Firm?

Accountability is a virtue that many people don’t really want to be at the behest of, or find it pleasant to enforce, but it’s something they know they need. Ultimately, failures, mistakes and problems need to be prevented, and that means discouraging harmful action or absolving someone of false accusations should a genuine accident occur. 

This could be the difference between someone being rightfully sued or not, or losing their employment or not. As such, accountability systems protect as much as they can discipline, and so it’s so important to make sure they’re in place.

For instance, it might be that you think a chef is stealing food from your restaurant refrigerators, only to realize that actually, the bar manager is taking it and feeding some of the bar staff when your shift is over. But how can we make sure to improve accountability within a firm in a confidential, respectful manner, limiting accusations and improper activity?

In this post, we’ll discuss that and more, helping you to continue thriving within this environment:

Proper Recording & Tracking Systems

Ultimately, recording and tracking systems are there to help you manage the flow of inventory and to ensure all equipment is accounted for. But let’s say that one morning, safety equipment needs to be used but is clearly damaged. That poses a problem. By checking the inventory system, you’ll be able to see who took it out last and failed to report the damage done to it, as well as if any injuries or issues went misreported or unreported after the fact. That in itself can help you find the answer to questions you may have had.

Confidential Support

Setting up confidential lines of communication for employees to follow should they need to use them can be a great starting point, and help them report mistreatment, harassment, bullying, and more. It’s important that these reports are kept in a safe place and that any discussion of them is kept within solely appropriate environments, such as ensuring meetings that take place with the employee are confidential and private in your office or in the HR meeting room. This way, you can ensure that you focus on the proper development of a case rather than simply assuming it will resolve itself.

Security & Video Surveillance

Security and video surveillance make a big difference when it comes to ensuring accountability is documented with video evidence. This isn’t to “spy” on your staff of course, but to notice ill-behavior, a lack of proper adherence to safety mechanisms, and also to prevent trespassers from going unnoticed. This way, a security team can help keep everyone in the building safe, while also ensuring that if someone is falsely accused of improper practice, they can be exonerated immediately. This way, you can help your staff feel safe, and you can protect your assets and inventory in the best manner possible. With a brand like Infassure, all these provisions can be provided exactly as you need them.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily recognize how to improve accountability within your particular firm.

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