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Overlooked Common Car Faults That Can Cause Massive Issues

Overlooked Common Car Faults That Can Cause Massive Issues

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When it comes to cars, you’re bound to run into some problems throughout your lifetime. Whether it’s a minor issue like a loose door handle or a more serious issue like a broken transmission, there’s bound to be something that needs attention on your car. Wear and tear play a massive art in how well cars drive and the problems they incur as well as how well you drive. However, there are some issues drivers can overlook which can be massive problems. While taking care of the bigger issues is a good idea, so is taking care of the smaller more common faults drivers experience.


All modern cars come equipped with an immobilizer. This is to prevent the vehicle from being hotwired. However, if the transponder key found in your car key isn’t working, your car won’t start, and you should get this rectified. Chances are you need a transponder key replacement to allow you to drive your car. And while this can be inconvenient, you will be grateful for these features if someone tries to steal your car but cannot hotwire it and drive off.

Oil warning light

An oil warning light is one of the most significant automotive problems you’ll ever encounter. You must pull over and turn off your vehicle if you notice the illuminated light (or oil icon). Your engine’s oil pressure sensor, oil pump, or considerable engine wear can cause the low-pressure warning light to be illuminated. However, it is also possible that you have just run out of oil. 

Checking the oil level using the dipstick is easy enough. When the engine is cool, remove the dipstick, wipe it and reinsert it. Then remove it again to check the oil level in your car. If the mark on the dipstick is below the “add” line, you need to add oil before driving on. Keeping oil in the car with you can be helpful in these situations.

Inefficient wipers

If you regularly clean the windows on your car, they should be in great shape. However, if you notice that they’re constantly getting dirty and are not wiped down, there’s a problem. This usually happens when the blades or wiper arms are not correctly aligned or when dirt has gotten into the mechanism. The best way to rectify this problem is to align your wiper blades or replace the wiper arm. You can also clean the blades to ensure they’re in top shape.

Squeaking brakes

If you have squeaking brakes, you have a few options. You can put some lubricant in your brakes to help with noise or have your brakes fixed. It’s important to know that your brakes should be inspected and maintained regularly. If they aren’t, they’ll wear out much more quickly.

Damaged lights

It is illegal to drive with damaged lights in the US, and you can get a ticket if police catch you going with your taillights out for example. Fortunately, there is an easy way to check this, and turning your lights on before driving off and checking they work visually is the best way, especially when driving in the dark. However, if the lights are still not working after changing the bulb, you should get the wiring checked out to avoid driving illegally.

Overlooked Common Car Faults That Can Cause Massive Issues

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