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Top 4 Online Text Editors for Authors and Writers

Top 4 Online Text Editors for Authors and Writers

An online text editor is a tool that allows the user to write, format, and edit documents in it. These tools are handy when editing or writing up something quickly.

They are usually free to use, require no registration, and do not require any installation or setup on your system.

Proper word processing software such as Microsoft Word or LaTeX can be expensive to buy, and LaTeX can be very troublesome to set up. Compared to these types of software, online tools are ready to be used instantly.

Students, in particular, can easily make assignments and reports on these online editors which they do not have to pay for or install on their systems.

A lot of these editors come with progress-saving features using cookies, so that one may resume writing or editing a document where they left it last.

4 Online Text Editors that You Can Use in 2022

Let’s check out four online text editors that you can use for your writing.

1. is a free online text editor that you can use without registering.

You can just go to their website and start writing right away. There is line numbering that is shown in the left-most column of the text box.

The tool can highlight spelling mistakes by underlining them using a red line. It works a lot like the standard notepad application that is present on a Windows PC.

Some features of this tool are that it allows you to save and download your written text as a standard ‘.txt’ file.

This tool comes with an integrated word counter, character counter, paraphraser, and plagiarism checker.

You do not need to copy and paste your text into these tools separately, all of these services can be used right there in the text editor without moving to a different web page.

You can also upload a document for editing. If you need to, you can save your work and leave the page. Upon returning later, you will find your work exactly where you left it.


  • Free tool
  • Integrated features
  • Simple UI


  • Advertisements
  • No styling options for text


This is a text editor that offers some more formatting features than Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

This tool provides the necessary features in a neat and organized layout. You can pick your required options without any confusion.

There are formatting options such as ‘left-align-text’, ‘right-aligned-text’, ‘justified text’, and ‘center-aligned-text’.

It has various style options as well. You can make your text bold, italic, strikethrough, and underlined. You can also make your text colored or highlight it in a specific color.

You can change the size of the text, and add in different headings such as H1, H2, etc. You can also change the line spacing, add links inside your text, and add special characters to your text.

You can even insert images. Looking at all these features, it can be safely said that when it comes to formatting and styling, this tool is pretty good.


  • Free tool, no registration needed
  • Download files in HTML or Word format
  • Many styling and formatting options
  • No advertisements


  • No integrated advanced features such as paraphraser, or plagiarism checker.


Prepostseo has a great online text editor. It has some great features that make it an excellent choice for writers to use.

This tool is also free to use and does not require registration. It offers all the features you would want from a text editor. You can add tables and pictures to your text.

You can make the text bold, italic, underlined, and strikethrough. You can also add superscripts and subscripts to the text.

Furthermore, you can check out the preview of the document you are typing out. You can add and make lists, which are always helpful.

All of these features on their own make it a good tool in its own right. However, it has even more to offer.

This tool offers an integrated paraphraser, plagiarism checker, and grammar checker. You can make your write-up fully polished and optimized in one place.

This makes it an extremely good text editor. You can style and format your document and then edit and proofread it right there and then.


  • Save document as PDF or DOC
  • Free, no account needed
  • Offers multiple advanced features
  • Good user interface


  • Advertisements


This free tool also does not require any account and is pretty straightforward to use. You can add a title to the document. It has a special namespace above the text box to add the title name.

You can also choose to have line numbering show up on the left-most side of the text box. There is another check-box for ‘word wrap’ that you can turn off or on; whichever you prefer.

There does not seem to be an option to change the size of the text. The work you do is autosaved and it can be continued from where you left off.

You can save the document to Google Drive or download it to your local hard drive.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of other formatting features.


  • Simple UI
  • No advertisements
  • Autosaving


  • No advanced features


These were four online text editors. They all come with their perks and bonuses, but one thing they all have in common is that they do not require any setup or installation.

They are free to use and do not require any registration or account. They are always available so long as you have a computer or a phone with an internet connection. has a simple UI and it provides integrated advanced features to optimize your write-up. However, it has no formatting features available. has a great design and it offers plenty of formatting and styling features to make your write-up stand out and look good. But it has no advanced features related to optimizing the content.

Prepostseo has versatile functionality. It offers some decent formatting features while also providing advanced features of paraphrasing and duplication checking. has no formatting features but it has a simple UI that makes it easy to use. It offers a quick saving feature where your work is saved every time you make some change in your text.

These were four online text editors that you can use for your writing needs.

Top 4 Online Text Editors for Authors and Writers

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