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Could Going Remote Be Good For Your Business?

Could Going Remote Be Good For Your Business?

Going remote has long been an afterthought in the modern working world. A few companies had remote workers here and there 5 years ago, but ever since the pandemic kicked off, remote working has really come into its own. 

These past two years have shown the power of having an entirely remote operation; you don’t need to be physically around, you can easily pick up an email when needed, and you can still hold those all important meetings in a face to face manner. 

All in all, going remote has had a lot of benefits! And now that we’re slowly coming back to the workplace in person, it’s a good idea to consider going remote full term. It could be very good for business, especially in a modern world where anything could happen next.

It Costs Less Overall

The first big benefit of holding a remote workplace is just how much cheaper it is to run. You don’t have to pay overheads for a physical working space, nor for a factory or shop floor. Everything you do is from the comfort of your own home or a public space, and that’s a lot more affordable in the modern world. 

You can reduce utility bills, billable hours across your payroll, and devote a lot more monetary resources towards making your remote operation a lot more efficient. For example, better hardware for all employees, and the most up to date software that’ll reduce latency in all working areas. You can even purchase more cloud storage, and scale outwards from this one, small point. 

The Setup is Better for Accessibility 

On both sides of the equation. If someone doesn’t need to leave their own home in order to work, not only will it be easier to reduce employee turnover, but your pool of applicants can widen as well. More and more skilled people, regardless of physical ability, will be able to come onboard and offer their talents. That’s an incredible draw for a modern workplace. 

Plus, when your employees are able to access important data, documents, and messages straight from their phone, you’ll be able to get their attention no matter where they are. And on a similar note, they can stay in touch with you any time they need to. Indeed, it’s easier than ever to input CRM phone integration; a bit of software patching here and there and your entire company ‘hub’ will be just as remotely enabled as the rest of your operation. 

You’ll Notice Higher Productivity

You may think that an employee who is able to sit at home all day in their pyjamas will let you down, but the truth is actually the opposite. Most people tend to dress just like they would if they were coming in physically, and work harder and smarter from being in their home environment. 

They get more done in a shorter period of time, and are much better able to instantly communicate when needed. They’ve got a messaging app right in front of them, after all! Their mind is on the job, they’re not distracted by workplace noise, and they certainly don’t have to deal with the hustle of the city environment you’re used to working in. Peace equals productivity in the end. 

It Can Even Make Employees Happier

Following on from the point on productivity, an employee who can work from home is a happy employee. If they’re surrounded by their own living room or kitchen, and are able to dip in and out when needed, they’re going to have a much better handle on their work/life balance. 

All in all, an employee who is able to work from home can also focus on their home needs. If they’ve got kids or an elderly relative to look after, for example, they can be there and present whenever they’re really needed. In fact, a remote setup can reduce employee lateness and absenteeism due to this very reason. Let them be where they need to be and they’ll do a much better job for you. 

Remember To Foster Remote Employee Support

Working remotely is becoming more common, and with proper encouragement from their employers, employees may be able to stay motivated. If you need help with how to support remote employees, remember that frequent communication is the best way to show your care and concern for them daily. 

Be sure to stay in contact with them regularly, paying particular attention to any problems or difficulties that may arise. Provide feedback, guidance and resources when needed. Help clarify goals and expectations, celebrate successes, lead team meetings to discuss progress, and offer performance reviews – all the essential elements of management. Supporting your remote workforce should be a top priority; this will keep them focused, motivated, engaged and productive while working remotely.

If you’re worried about the sustainability of your business in the modern era, going remote could be the key to your troubles. A remote business has the chance to cut back on costs, make the company more accessible to everyone, and even make employees more happy and productive. These are goals we’re constantly working towards in the business world, and the idea to go remote could be the turning point you’re looking for.

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