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6 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Divorce Proceedings

6 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Divorce Proceedings

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Going through a divorce is a painful and stressful time. However, it is common knowledge that almost 50% of marriages end this way. 

Before entering the divorce proceedings, it is vital that you prepare for them in style. Here are six simple questions that will provide the guidance you need.

Is the relationship beyond repair?

Getting a divorce doesn’t technically have to spell the end forever, but it does feel pretty final. As such, it should be the last resort, especially when temporary separation or other responses could be selected. So, it is important to consider whether the marriage can recover from infidelity or other issues. If nothing else, it will confirm that divorce is the right path for you to take, which would allow you to enter the process with a clear mindset. 

Alternatively, you may find that a little time apart or work on the relationship can get things back on track. You can weigh the pros and cons before informing your spouse that you want out of the marriage. Or you can discuss this issue as a couple before making a decision.

What are the proposed asset splits?

When going through a divorce, the distribution of financial assets will be a priority. Equality doesn’t necessarily mean having a 50-50 split. There are many factors to consider, such as who made the contributions, especially if assets were owned before the marriage. Meanwhile, a prenuptial agreement would also have a huge influence on any proposed asset splits. Likewise, having children involved makes the process more complex. 

You should also discuss whether you intend to sell the marital home and other key assets. It may be that one of you remains in the property and buys out the other. Personal circumstances will dictate what the possibilities look like and which route is right for you.

Do you have the right representation

If it is deemed that divorce proceedings are required, you need to ensure that you gain a fair result. Partnering with an experienced divorce lawyer who can represent your case in style is vital. It protects you from mistreatments before or during the proceedings. It’s likely that you don’t want to destroy your ex-spouse as you still care, especially if you share a child. On the other hand, though, you owe it to yourself to keep your best interests in mind.

Aside from helping you gain the right result, a dedicated lawyer can guide you. This means providing you with clear insight regarding what to expect from the pending court date. In turn, you will be far better equipped to deal with the developments as they occur.

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Who will your support network be?

When going through a divorce, surrounding yourself with good people is crucial. If you have friends or relatives who have been through a divorce, they can provide valuable insight. Even if you don’t, friends and family can keep you in a positive frame of mind and reduce your stress levels. Relatives may also be able to provide you a temporary place to stay while you work out your next steps. It’s another item to tick off of your checklist.

The support network may also be needed to help with childcare arrangements and other responsibilities. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances, but the right people will make a huge difference to your immediate and long-term future.

How will divorce impact your daily life?

Marriage goes a long way to defining you as a person. Therefore, it’s imperative that you understand the impact that divorce will have on all aspects of your life. Relocating will affect your home life and could potentially impact your career. Of course, making arrangements around your parenting duties is another issue that you need to consider. The legal process is one that may require you to take more time off of work. 

While divorce may not turn every aspect of your life upside down, you should not underestimate the impact. By taking all issues into account, the difficult moments on the road ahead will feel far less daunting.

Do you need help with other issues?

Divorce may be attributed to many reasons. In many cases, two people just stop loving each other or discover that they are no longer compatible. However, many divorces are linked to underlying issues. If this is the case for you, this is the perfect time to address them. It could be a case of improving your approach to finances, overcoming an addiction, or changing a part of your personality. You can do this through DIY methods or with the help of an expert.

Self-improvement is one of the most effective ways to gain a positive out of the process. It will make you happier in yourself and could aid your next relationship. Besides, it gives you a positive focal point in your life during this difficult and testing moment.

6 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Divorce Proceedings

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