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Helping the Hustlers: The 4 Best Ways To Work With B2B Freelancers

Helping the Hustlers: The 4 Best Ways To Work With B2B Freelancers

With a huge number of side hustlers out there, we can use these people as the perfect opportunity to cut down on costs. In any business environment, managing a freelancer can be very challenging, so we’ve got to learn how to use them effectively, and having the right tools and tactics in place will make a big difference. Let’s show you what you should do.

Develop a Portal 

A portal should be a point of focus for everybody to come back to. For any business, having a portal with a clearly defined dashboard of the rules can make a big difference, but it depends on the type of freelance work they are doing. For example, if they are delivering items, you can use a load board that gives them a breakdown of the journey, the associated costs and pay. The right portal provides a focus for everybody, meaning you can use this as a way to relay information and allow effective monitoring of employees.

Defining the Rules 

If you want to collaborate with freelancers successfully, you need to make sure that there is enough communication. There’s a variety of communication software that you can use. A lot of project managers use Trello or Asana, as well as other tools like Google Hangouts or Slack for communication. When you start to increase the methods of communication, you are able to reach the freelancer better and define the ground rules. If you are working with remote freelancers, you’ve got to establish the rules, but also ensure that you are not breathing down their necks because as far as efficiency in a role is concerned, you need to let them get on with the job, rather than virtually tapping them on the shoulder every 30 minutes. Define the rules, be clear with them, and step back.

Being Flexible

One of the more difficult aspects of managing freelancers is having to be flexible in a completely different way than a traditional employer would with full-time staff. People will get sick and can’t finish their work on time, therefore, you may have to find someone else to do the job. It’s far more important for you to be flexible in terms of the goals and deadlines here. For example, if a freelancer comes down with the coronavirus, we all know the impact this can have on their ability to recover. Therefore, a deadline that is too close for comfort and a 24-hour turnaround is not going to be feasible, unless you pass the tasks onto someone else.

Using Their Strengths and Weaknesses Effectively

You need to understand their strengths and weaknesses so you can assign work in a more efficient manner. Many organizations work with freelancers without delving deep into their individual strengths and weaknesses. If you are working with freelancers over a long period of time, it would benefit you to get to know them better and to understand the aspects of the work they are more effective at. Ultimately, when you are working with full-time employees, they will have specific skills related to the roles, so why don’t you apply this to your freelancers as well?

In a B2B setting, freelancers can be invaluable, as long as you use them appropriately.

Helping the Hustlers: The 4 Best Ways To Work With B2B Freelancers

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