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Creating a Positive Workplace for Your Team

Creating a Positive Workplace for Your Team

When you run a business, you have a lot on your mind. You’re going to find yourself overseeing countless areas of different specialisms and areas of interest in order to keep everything up and running. Whether that’s deciding what direction your business is going on, developing new products to sell, rebranding, sealing deals with different third parties for outsourced work and so much more. But one area that many business owners fail to see the importance of – and consequently fail to invest time, money and effort into – is their staff base. This is nonsensical. Think about it. Your staff are the cogs that keep your business’ mechanisms and processes turning. Without them, nothing would move forward, nothing would work and you’d generate no profit. This is why it’s so important to keep your staff happy and onboard. This maximises productivity and reduces time and money spent on recruiting new staff and training them up. Here are some ways you can create a positive workplace for your team to maximise the good in your company!

Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

More and more people are focusing on diversity and inclusion when choosing a company to work for. People want to feel that they’ll be understand and treated fairly and equally in the workplace environments they enter. So, it’s time for you to focus on promoting diversity and inclusion in your workplace. Start out with a DE&I survey by GoodHire to determine how your team currently feel. Are different groups well presented, paid fairly and in seats that match their level of expertise, experience and qualifications? Do people feel respected in the same way as one another? Is everyone spoken to as they should be? Rewarded as they should be? Promoted as they should be? Asking these questions can feel difficult, particularly if you don’t receive the answers you hoped for. But all in all, it gives you a good basis to work from when it comes to improving how your company operates.

Focus on Premises, Facilities and Working Models

You also need to focus on where and how your team work. Is yoru commercial premises up to date? Does it have plenty of natural light, ergonomically designed furniture and equipment and everything else your team needs to work productively? Remember that remote work is becoming an increasingly popular option amongst employers and employees too. If you’re managing a remote team, do they have the support they need? Are they able to complete their work properly from their home? Do you need to provide anything to help them with this? Having what you need to complete your work to a high standard really can make all the difference to staff satisfaction.

Focus on Rewards and Incentives

Sure, paying a proper dalary is essential before even considering this step. But once your team are happy with their income, you can improve on their workplace experience by providing the opportunity to earn rewards and incentives. This could be a cash bonus. It could be extra annual leave. It could be a prize. What works best will depend on your team and their preferences.

Creating a positive workplace environment can be difficult, but hopefully, some of the advice above will help you along the way!

Creating a Positive Workplace for Your Team

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