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Why Is Your Home Stuck On The Market?

Why Is Your Home Stuck On The Market?

If you have been trying to shift your home on the market and have been struggling then there may be a valid reason as to why this is happening. On average it takes between two to three months to sell a home on the market. If you are getting viewings but no offers then take a look below to see what may be going wrong with your property.

Too Much Clutter

One of the reasons your home may not be selling is that there is too much clutter laying around when potential buyers come to look around. This is very off-putting to people who are looking around your home, they need to envision their own belongings. If they are not able to do this then they won’t want to put an offer on your home. However, it is very easy to fix this problem. If you go through your home and sort your items into four piles. These should consist of the things you want to keep, throw away, donate, and sell. It might help you to hire a junk removal dumpster so you can fill it with the items you no longer require. 

Poor Curb Appeal

Something else that could hold you back when it comes to selling your home is how your exterior looks. If you don’t look after your front or back gardens then it can be extremely off-putting to potential buyers. It is your responsibility when selling your property to make sure that everything looks neat and tidy. If your grass is overgrown and you haven’t gotten rid of the weeds then the next people won’t want to do this. 

Repair Issues 

Do be aware that if you don’t complete the repairs that your home needs, then buyers are automatically going to view your property as a fixer-upper. This means that they won’t be willing to pay as much as you might expect or put in the high offers that you were hoping for. There are lots of different types of repairs that your home could need. It just depends on the state of your home at any given time. For instance, you may need to arrange a roof inspection before you put your property on sale. 

The Wrong Time 

Finally, you should think about whether you are selling the property at the right time. The housing market has highs and lows. If you attempt to sell your house in a lull, then it is going to take far longer than you should likely expect. Instead, you need to wait for the market to rebound and pick up once more. A poor economy will typically result in a dire housing market and you should also be cautious about buying a property at a time like this. It can lead to a mortgage shortfall

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why your home might get stuck on the market. The trick is to make sure that you are addressing these issues so that you can get the fast home sale for the right price that you need. 

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