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Resetting the Balance: 4 Things to Help You Prioritize Family Over Work

Resetting the Balance: 4 Things to Help You Prioritize Family Over Work

Parenting is a stressful job that we can all feel that we’ve got the balance wrong. As parents, we feel that we need to give our children a certain lifestyle because we need to overcompensate, especially if we work a lot. The debate as to whether you should prioritize work over family should be redundant because, of course, you should prioritize your family, but the problem is that we all feel that we’ve got to pay our way and need to work more in order to maintain a certain lifestyle. Let’s try and debunk all this and make sure that you stop prioritizing work over your family and get the balance right.

Wise Investing Can Make All the Difference for the Future

Investing is something that, if you haven’t started already, should be part of your financial goals. The problem we all have is thinking that we need to pay for things now. Planning for your future is going to make a far better impact on the quality of all your lives, even if you need to work more right now. Investing can be difficult to understand, but there are AI platforms like Bitcoin Smarter that can help you to get into investing. 

The important thing about investing is that you shouldn’t expect immediate returns, you should put money in and let it sit for a decade. Before you know it, you should have accumulated a profit, and even if it’s a small profit, it is still a profit! This way, you can be more comfortable in the knowledge that you are setting your family up for a better future and you may not necessarily need to work so much in a few years.

Creating Quality Time

Sometimes we need to work on weekends and miss out on family time, but look at those people who spent decades missing important family events because they “had” to work. You’re not going to think you should have worked more on your deathbed. Instead, think about quality time with your family. There may be times when you have to work late, but this is why we have to get into our heads the notion of quality versus quantity, especially when it comes to family time. 

Instead of thinking you need to spend hours with your children, if you are wholly devoted to them, even if it’s for 15-minutes, this is going to send that important message to them that they matter. Quality time is far more important than quantity, but you have to make sure you are completely focused on your children at this point, rather than thinking you need to answer that email. Unplugging from life is vital, and instead of checking your phone every 10 minutes, think about unplugging and focusing on the family.

Find a Job You Really Care About

If you don’t like your job, you can either find ways to enjoy the job you’ve got or find something else completely different. We have to remember that if we don’t like our job, it’s going to have an impact on our mental health and will stress us out. Having a job that gives you more meaning to life means that you will bring a better version of yourself to the people who deserve your attention. 

When we are doing a job we don’t like and think that we give so much of our time to others to a cause that is not close to our hearts, finding a job that really does motivate us means that we come home feeling like we have done a good day’s work and feel like we have a better quality of life.

Defining Your “Urgent” Problems 

A framework known as the Eisenhower box comes in handy here and breaks down the matrix based on four outcomes:

  • Urgent and important.
  • Important but not urgent.
  • Urgent but not important.
  • Not urgent or important.

This little framework can make a big difference in being more productive but also help you understand the quality of your life based on the work you do. As simplistic as this may be when you start to break your duties down into four different actions, it can free you up to understand where you are placing your priorities and if they are actually important.

We may feel that we are working constantly in order to provide a better life for our children, but there comes a point when we are tipping the scales in the favor of work. As vital as work is, we need to stop prioritizing work over family. There are so many ways in which to do this, but sometimes it just benefits us to stop thinking that everything involving work is more important than the people who need us the most.

Resetting the Balance: 4 Things to Help You Prioritize Family Over Work

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