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How to Make Money by Crafting and Selling Online

How to Make Money by Crafting and Selling Online

Anyone can make money by crafting. But it can be a challenge to turn it into a career. To boost sales and maximize profit, you need to understand the industry as a whole. Here are some tips.

Make What You Know Will Sell

There is a lot of competition when it comes to selling stuff online. eCommerce is full of retailers trying to get their products sold. As a crafter, the competition is smaller. But it is still there. Selling what you know sells well is a good start. Yet you need to make your products stand out from the crowd with quality. For example, source your jewelry items from quality suppliers like Blue Streak crystals. And make repeatable products like organic soaps and shampoos.

Blog About Your Skills and Products

Sites like Etsy can only get your products so much attention. So you need to make sure they can still find them in other ways. You can link from your blog right to your online store, which makes blogging a great way to do this. For instance, let’s say you make seasonal food baskets. Then you could write a blog about Easter recipes or how to make Christmas decorations. These will look great in the store you run on an eCommerce platform and appeal to your readers.

Make Money by Crafting for the Right Marketplace

There are many places online where you can sell hand-made things. Most people use Etsy. You could also look at eBay and Amazon Handmade. All of these are great choices. But based on the market, some things sell better than others. For example, coffee hampers and other curated and subscription boxes sell well on Amazon. On Etsy, things like jewelry, art, and organic soaps sell very well. So, be smart about the platform you choose, or it can be more challenging.

Research Trends and Sales

Like blogging, selling things online can depend on what’s popular. Trends can be seasonal, economic, or even decided by social media influencers. Online tools make it easy to keep an eye on trends. Google Trends is a great way to find out when people search for certain things online. For example, you can look at the statistics for organic soaps to see when Google searches have been higher in the past. You can then start a new campaign with this data.

Consider Digital Products

Not only physical items can be sold online. Another great way to make money is to sell digital goods. The great thing about these is that they can be almost anything, they usually only cost time, and you only have to make something once. For instance, you can write walkthroughs for video games and sell them on Amazon’s Kindle Store. Or, you can record an audiobook with tips for wellness. Online, people also buy and sell a lot of photos and music if they are good.


You can make money by crafting almost anything and swelling on the internet. It helps to craft best-selling items, understand your chosen marketplace, and even create digital products.

How to Make Money by Crafting and Selling Online

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