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Reducing Some Of The Most Common Warehouse Injuries

Reducing Some Of The Most Common Warehouse Injuries

Whatever kind of business you’re running, if you manage a warehouse, then it’s likely to be one of the more potentially dangerous working spaces in the business. As such, aside from ensuring that it works effectively and efficiently, you should make sure that it works safely, as well. To that end, here, we’re going to look at some of the most common causes of injury and how you can mitigate them better.

Know your safety gear needs

The very first thing that you should create for workers in the warehouse is an employee safety guide that looks not only at the most appropriate and safe manner to complete their tasks, but which safety gear they should be using. You need to keep a well-stocked supply of visibility vests, protective gloves, and work boots that maintain a decent grip on the floor. Make it clear what clothes offer the potential for snagging risks as well.

Keep it clean

Maintaining a clean and organized warehouse is essential for safety, productivity, and a professional image. There are two key aspects of cleanliness that you should focus on. Firstly, keep the warehouse free from clutter by establishing a protocol for disposing of empty boxes and other debris. This helps to minimize tripping hazards and ensures a neat and organized workspace. Secondly, grease, grime, and other slippery debris can accumulate over time, creating potential safety hazards. To address this issue, consider investing in regular cleaning services or allocate time for in-house cleaning to ensure the warehouse is kept in top condition. 

Move and secure your items responsibly

You need to make sure that all of your inventory is stocked and moved in a way that keeps them securely in place, while also making them easier to move in bulk. For instance, you should always keep a supply of wooden pallets around that make it easier for your team to transport multiple goods by vehicle. You should also consider making routine racking inspections so that you can see any potential faults in your shelving systems that could lead to injuries.

Ensure clear pathways

As well as being important to the cleanliness of the warehouse, the pathways require more focus. Leaving items and clutter in these spaces can be especially dangerous for those who are walking or driving down these areas, as they may occasionally have their vision obstructed by the loads they are carrying. Floor markings can be vital for indicating what areas of the warehouse have to be kept clean and clear at all times.

Be extra careful with any machinery

While machinery accidents may not be the most frequent cause of injury in a warehouse, they can be the most severe. Thus, it’s crucial to prioritize not only initial training for personnel operating machinery but also regular retraining to prevent the development of harmful habits.

With the tips above, you can make sure that accidents and injuries are kept to a minimum in the warehouse. Otherwise, they can affect productivity, and morale, and can lead to some very high costs indeed.

Reducing Some Of The Most Common Warehouse Injuries

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