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How To Keep Your Clients Happy During Corporate Events

How To Keep Your Clients Happy During Corporate Events

During corporate events, it’s important that you’re mingling with your guests, whether they’re prospective clients or clients who’ve been on your books for many years. Every corporate event or business event is an opportunity to develop relationships further and to further enhance the business presence within your industry.

With that being said, every business event opportunity should be taken advantage of to the fullest. Here are some top tips to keep your clients happy during corporate event gigs.

Communicate regularly at all stages of the event

Be sure to communicate regularly with your clients and any prospective clients who you might be meeting for the first time at this event.

This is important because the event itself isn’t just an opportunity to speak to clients. You should be in regular communication in the build-up to the event so that the individual or organization has everything they need to arrive at the event and make the most out of it themselves.

Be sure to communicate both before, during, and after the event. All stages of the event are a great chance to converse with clients and any future clients who are considering collaboration with your business.

Provide catering

Catering is a basic contribution to a corporate event that you should be providing. After all, by providing in-house catering for an event, you avoid anyone leaving the event during networking opportunities and it also stops people from making a quick escape early on in the day.

Take a look at the costings for catering and even if you’re only able to offer a small amount of light bites, that will be enough to help provide some satisfaction to your attendees. 

Make sure transport has been covered

There may be some clients who you’re wanting to pull all the stops out in order to impress them. With that in mind, corporate transportation is something you should be considering. It’s a great way of making sure that the individual or individuals are being well looked after and are being given the best treatment possible. 

Exceed expectations wherever possible

Expectations are something you should be managing well when it comes to any corporate events. There are lots of ways that you could be providing an exceptional experience at these events. From providing goodie bags to personally greeting each and every client or prospective client that comes through the doors.

That extra bit of service that you give to them, is going to leave a positive, lasting impression. 

Get feedback after the event

After every event, you shouldn’t be opposed to receiving feedback. Even if that feedback is tinged with a little critique, it’s worth taking on board. Every corporate event should only get better and provide better results for your business. That will only come if you’re willing to accept that feedback from clients and anyone who attended the event themselves.

Keeping your clients happy at corporate events is a way to build relationships and help maintain that long-serving loyalty that many businesses are looking for from their clients in 2023.

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