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5 Best Handouts To Give Out A Trade Shows

5 Best Handouts To Give Out A Trade Shows

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Giving out freebies is a great way to entice people to your stall at a trade show. In other cases, it can simply be a way of getting people to remember you. Below are 5 of the best handouts worth distributing at a trade show. 

Business cards

Business cards are a quick and convenient way of giving someone your contact details. With any luck, the recipient may keep onto the card and later use it to ring you or email you regarding your business. Business cards can also contain information such as your physical address or your website address. You can even print a QR code on the card, allowing people to easily access your website without having to manually type out the URL. Business cards could be left on your stall for people to take away at their own leisure, or you could give them out to people who take an interest in your stall.  


Flyers can provide more information than a business card and are typically better for handing out to passers-by. You can use them to advertise your best deals or you can simply provide general information. A lot of people will throw flyers away without reading them, but some people will read them and may take an interest in your company. They’re typically cheap to produce anyway, so are worth trying.


Handing out free food or drink is an effective way to draw people to your stall. This tactic works best for companies selling food or drink – you could give people a free sample of your product in order to encourage a few sales. That said, there are cases where you may still be able to use food and drink as a relevant freebie, even if you don’t sell food or drink. For example, if you’re a stall representing a luxury brand, you could reinforce this sense of luxury by handing out free canapes or even glasses of sparkling wine to anyone that signs up. If you’re a brand aimed at kids, you could even hand out sweets to entice customers. Just make sure to look into the trade show licensing laws before you hand out any food or drink. 

Fun promotional products

Promotional products are a great handout for getting people to remember your brand. Examples include pens, keychains, water bottles and USB flash drives. These could contain your logo and possibly even a phone number or website address. Some of the best promotional products are those that are immediately useful (such as an umbrella at a rainy outdoor event) or those that are simply fun (such as yo-yos or fidget spinners). Explore different options to find one that best represents your business and budget. 


A great way to encourage future customers is to give out vouchers at your event. These could give people access to exclusive discounts when used without a limited period of time. Just make sure that discounts are profitable.

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