Debunking the “Underwater” Girl Photo on Fox News

Segment Description: Puzzling picture: Is the girl in this photo underwater?

Based on NY Post article: The Internet can’t figure out if this girl is underwater or not

Fox and Friends Weekend Air Date 09/27/2015

Fox News Hosts: Tucker Carlson, Elizabeth Prann and Clayton Morris • Photography Expert: Matt Sweetwood

The Photograph in Question

Original Image by Imgur User Maskari

Original Image by Imgur User Maskari

If we study the image we see things like hair that seems not wet, frizzy/fluffy hair underwater (not possible), shadows from water droplets on her right arm and the water by her feet clearly has air in it – all indicating she is not underwater.

I a=Adjusted Contrast and brightness

My Modified Version of the Photo

And as you can see from my contrast and brightness adjusted image, THE GIRL IS NOT REALLY UNDERWATER. It’s been put through photo editing – and in this case, I would call it Photo-slop. Contrast, brightness, saturation have been adjusted and some cloning of water droplets in front of her face to make is appear she is underwater – when in fact, she is not.

Mystery solved.


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