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The Most Ingenious Photo Sharing App Since Facebook

The Most Ingenious Photo Sharing App Since Facebook

Originally Published on The Good Men Project 09-19-2015

Two Dads Discuss the Most Ingenious Thing to Happen to Sharing Pictures Since the Invention of the Facebook Wall

When my 5 children were young, there was no Internet. The way you shared a photo was to personally hand someone a print or mail it to them. Getting a photo in the mail was special occasion for friends or family members anxious to see pictures of the kids. Today we have numerous internet sharing platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Photos, various chat programs, etc. and of course, email. While there are many choices, none of these solutions is really good for all of your family members and friends.

Internet based picture sharing raises safety concerns over who sees the pictures as well as logistical issues in how to share with everyone in your network. How many times have we posted a picture on Facebook and wondered why no one seemed to see it? What about grandma who isn’t a user of social media? How will she see pictures of the grandkids? How many times have we forgotten to send a picture of a child’s memorable moment to someone important in our life? How do we keep all of these pictures organized so that they chronicle the child’s life as he or she grows up?

In this video interview, I discuss with Eddie Geller, CEO and Co-Founder of Tinybeans, how his new photo sharing app solves these problems. Eddie is a dad of 4 boys and it is most interesting how the app was conceived by dads for dads (and moms) just trying to do the right thing with their kid’s photos. Tinybeans is really about helping to keep extended families and friends close.

As someone who has spent the last 30 years in the photography business I have taken photos of my children on a regular basis. I have accumulated literally tens of thousands of pictures as all 5 of them are now in their 20’s. It was a long and arduous task I gave my middle daughter, Rebecca, to scan and organize all of the ones that were on film. They have all been combined in one cloud location and I have given my children access to all of their photos. Those are memories I happily pass onto to them.

It’s every parent’s obligation to be the keeper of the family photos and make sure the pass safely onto the next generation.

Photos lost are a memory lost forever.

Please enjoy our discussion

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