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Sorry, No Trump Supporters on My Dates

Sorry, No Trump Supporters on My Dates

If you live in New York City and voted for Donald Trump, you are going to have trouble finding a date. And I have the experiences to prove that.

With the advent of the Internet and dating apps, the world of dating has been changed forever. No longer do you need to go to the local bar or club and hope for a miracle to sit down next to you. You simply download an app, upload a few (good) pictures, write two or three (intelligent) sentences about yourself, and you’ll have a great date in no time – or maybe not.

Except for a few years in graduate school at Penn in Philadelphia, I have lived in the New Jersey suburbs for essentially all my fifty plus years on this earth. I am single since my divorce six years ago, and am a single dad who has raised his kids essentially on his own for the last 20 years. Last year, I sold my business of 28 years and soon after my last kid moved out on his own. This gave me an unprecedented opportunity to move out of New Jersey into Manhattan, where I could better engage in my new work endeavors and find a better social life, a.k.a., dating.

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