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SKIDEE Scooter – Coolest Gift I’ve Ever Given a Kid!

When it was time to get my 5- year old nephew a birthday gift, I came across this very cool looking Skidee Scooter. I thought back to my childhood and how I would have loved this and wanted to buy it for my little guy. I checked out the reviews on Amazon and saw 100+ 5-star reviews with people talking consistently about how their kids loved the scooter, how reliable it was and most importantly, how safe it was.

So, I went an ordered up a blue one for him on Amazon (I’m old-fashioned so don’t call me a sexist for picking blue- girls can have blue too!) at a very reasonable, under $70 price tag. The scooter arrived (Amazon prime) in 2-days, and I immediately got a call from his mom telling me it was his favorite birthday gift and he was using it all-day long, even in very cold Colorado winter weather. She told me he happened to be a scooter fan and went through two other kid’s scooters but they “sucked” and this one was much better. Here’s an excerpt from the thank you email and a video she sent me:

Matt, the Skidee is fantastic! Thank you for the thoughtful gift. The quality of the scooter is above any other scooter on the market. My neighbor liked it so much she went and ordered another one for her daughter too! The kids love it! Leaning into it to turn teaches balance and coordination at a very young age. And since the handlebars adjust they will enjoy it for many years. My son loves the music that can be played while he’s cruising down the path. I love that there is a brake on the back wheel that is very easy to push down with their back foot. The colors are bright and the kids love all the lights! There are multicolored lights on all three wheels as they ride, as well as on the front. There is also a white ground light, so that the kids can see the path clearly. It has a seat on it as well, although we haven’t found much use for it. It really has it all! Overall it is quite amazing! 

So not only did I make my nephew a happy young man, I learned with each purchase of a Skidee toy, they send free scooters to children fighting cancer. Skidee is an official supporter of And I tagged them on Instagram @skideescooter and I got back 10% off my purchase! That’s what I call charity (tzedakah) coming back to you.

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