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Keeping Your Staff In The Loop

Keeping Your Staff In The Loop

It’s important that your staff know how your business is performing and what duties they must conduct. They need up-to-date information to ensure that they always know the right direction to go, and how to best achieve their goals. Of course, you’re more than permitted to keep them out of the loop, as sometimes information is sensitive and should only be kept by administrators who know what they’re doing. Information can be as important as funding in an environment such as this.

But it’s also essential to know how and why you will be able to send information in a time-crucial manner, and not only to do that, but to be sure it’s received and to do so securely. Business life might seem slow, but sometimes up-to-the-minute information and education is required to ensure that staff can stay ahead of the curve, and can potentially help your firm raise the next level.

Not only this, but staff feeling as though they are reachable and that the company wishes to keep their duties as informed as possible can feel motivating to a point. Let us see what those points might be:

Virtual Conferences

It can sometimes be the case that despite your best intentions, you’re going to have a hard time reaching the morning meeting. This is where video conferences and virtual meetings can have an incredible impact in the life of your firm. Meeting with your managers or employees through the day through the use of a video call can also help you demonstrate your desktop and some of the tasks you would like them to fulfill, or present to them an impromptu slideshow showing them the important facts and figures of the day.

Work Phones

Work phones can be extremely useful in helping your staff better their approach. Not only can they provide your staff a means to contact suppliers and members of the team confidentially, but will also allow you to make proper use of a bulk SMS sender. Not only that, but allowing staff to keep their personal phones away from work duties (only emergency work communication) can help them segment matters. This can also help you with your workplace security, as you can ensure the standardized usage of these work phones with VPN logins and encryption protocols.

A Weekly Roundup

A weekly roundup will allow your staff to see work you appreciated throughout the week, preliminary results, any changes to expect in the next week and/or deliver an attendance rota. This can also be a nice place to sign off well-wishing messages such as when the Christmas party might be, or the procedure you’re all going through when moving to a new office. A weekly roundup can also be lighthearted in its approach. After a week of hard work, a nice promising message for the weekend and humorous joke might go a long way to helping your staff feel connected to their employment.

With these tips, you’re sure to keep staff in the loop.

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