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Creating A More Inviting Office Space For Everyone

Creating A More Inviting Office Space For Everyone

It’s often forgotten that an office space can be just as important as anything else to you do to promote your company. And not having an inviting office space for your staff or clients can often bring the whole atmosphere down. So here’s how to create an office space that everyone will love to walk into.

Think About The Senses

We operate with our senses, and that can have a big impact on how we take in a space, whether that’s through smelling or seeing your surroundings. It’s good to think about the senses for everyone who walks into the office so that when they do, it’s a positive and uplifting environment to be in. So get a signature scent that you can incorporate throughout the office, let in some natural light and think about your color scheme and bringing in a bit of indoor nature to boost the mood. Play on the senses because this a great way to control how someone feels in the space.

Be Creative With Your Space

It doesn’t matter if you have a big space or a small one, you can still get creative with how you arrange furniture and in what style the office layout is. An open-plan space is something that’s going to be the most beneficial. It’ll make staff feel like they’ve got freedom instead of being crammed into a small space with too many people. Private office or meeting rooms though are worth having so that individuals can take themselves away if they need a quiet moment or somewhere to talk that requires confidentiality. Get creative with how you arrange furniture, especially in a breakout space to utilize areas for more open meetings but to also have a space where staff can eat their lunch.

Keep Communal Areas Tidy

This requires you to encourage some support from your staff. A messy space is not going to do well in terms of presenting the best version of your company, and it can also hinder workplace productivity too. So get your employees to look after their own spaces but making sure communal areas are kept tidy too. Depending on the company size, you may need daytime cleaners to keep bathrooms and kitchens maintained. It may also be worth investing in furnishings like urinal mats to prevent smelly odors in the bathrooms. These are used by many people throughout the day, so it’s a good way of staying on top of it all.

Showcase Your Branding

Whatever your brand logo, image or color is, showcase it in the office. It’s a great way of advertising your company but to also indicate to any guests new to the building that they’re in the right place. It also shows that you value your image and that you want to reflect that right down to the colors on your walls and the signage on the inside and outside of the building.

An inviting space is something that every staff member and guest needs in an office space. For staff, it’s a place they spend most of their day, and for guests, it’s leaving an impression of the organization, so ensure it’s a positive one.

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