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Does Your Business Have Curb Appeal?

Does Your Business Have Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is a very big deal in the real estate world: it adds more value to a property, attracts a lot more buyers, and makes sure a house is never an eye sore as it stays on the market. And in reality, the same applies to a business! The better a company looks from the outside, the better a profit it’s going to make on the inside. 

But aside from your reputation, what other ways can you increase the aesthetic of your company, and make sure it catches the eye of passersby? Well, you can focus on its curb appeal! The office or shop you work out of is going to be on the side of the street and open for people to walk into, and having a good looking curb will certainly increase their curiosity. 

Photo by Oscar Söderlund on Unsplash

Patch Up Your Exterior

The building you operate out of needs to have a good interior AND exterior design to it, and any scratches in the paintwork need to be looked at immediately. You wouldn’t let the four walls you stare at as you work be left dirty and peeling, so why let the same kind of disrepair fall onto their exterior sides? A new coat of paint every other month usually works wonders. 

Maybe once a month or so, have a check of the outside of your building, to see if the exterior needs patching up in any way. Maybe the paint is actually peeling, maybe the drainpipe is coming loose, maybe the bricks are scuffed and dirty, maybe the siding needs a bit of power washing! If your business looks clean and tidy from the outside, people are going to have the same impression of what goes on inside. 

Use Your Gardens To Market

The gardens surrounding your business, and really, any other undeveloped land to your name, is a good way to market your company. Imagine planting some flower beds that spell out the name of your brand; wouldn’t that be a neat and new way to advertise to passersby? It really is prime real estate that you can put to good use, and improve the local environment and economy with. 

Well, it’s time for you to reach out to some commercial landscaping companies, unless you already have a team of gardeners that can set your green spaces to rights. After all, the more you plant and cultivate, the greener and more attractive your business building looks. Even having a couple of benches in the mini park you create can be a nice way to serve the community you’re a part of – it’ll certainly bring them onto your property and make sure they stay a while! 

Curb appeal is something we don’t tend to think much of outside of our home lives. But it really does go the extra mile for a business property as well; make sure you’re increasing the attractiveness of your curbside, and watch as the fruits of your labor come walking through your shop door.

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