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Assigning The Right Employee To The Right Task

Assigning The Right Employee To The Right Task

The incredibly varied range of skills, talents, knowledge and personalities create an endless stream of beauty in the world of business. This is what makes this kind of job and role in life so exciting. You are managing so many different variables, each one of them having a unique impact on your business. Business owners have to keep their finger on the pulse in so many different ways. You have to realize what’s going on with your industry, the wider world, geopolitics, business practices, improvements in technology and of course the skills and employees in your own company. With so many ways to get the same result, you might be challenged with putting the right person into the right role. On the surface, a person might look as if they fit the bill and can do the task and or role properly. But it might turn out that they were a bad choice. This measure of judgement doesn’t have to be purely based on a feeling.

Do your research

Knowing your history about an employee can help you a lot when it comes to making a decision on whether or not they should take a particular role. For example, you might be in need of a more senior marketer that can work with the manager, boosting team productivity. Although it’s easy to try and put someone young and brash in this role, don’t rely on just the culture of the time. So many companies will hire young marketers because they want to produce campaigns that are cutting edge and of the current social climate. However, someone with experience should fit the senior roles. Go back and check over their resumes and ask around about their past history in other jobs they have had. Use this information to make a smarter decision.

Who’s on call?

If you run a medium or large sized business you will know that you are dealing with hundreds of potentially even thousands of employees. Even if you’re a small business you could be dealing with well over a hundred different people. Sometimes you have to give tasks to people who are just in the right place at the right time. Consider how the transport industry works by using a crew scheduling app. There could be a shortage on one particular task, and even though the assigned team is working on it they are overloaded. Using the app to see who is where, doing what and who is possibly free to help, you can plug any gaps and keep productivity high. Deadlines won’t be missed and you won’t disappoint clients either.

Their evolving temperament

The ‘right employee’ is a very contentious way of looking at things. The right employee can be deemed to be the one who is most skilled. But what if that employee does not have the personality of a leader? Judge anyone who you are trying to put into a leading role, by their temperament as well. When the going gets tough, you don’t want the smartest man in the room to also have the shortest temper or confidence either.

The right challenge requires the right judgement call by you as the business owner. Don’t think that just because someone is talented, they have the ability to lead a team on a serious project.

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