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A Snapshot Of The History Of American Propaganda Posters

A Snapshot Of The History Of American Propaganda Posters

Propaganda has been utilized by leaders throughout the course of history. Although US propaganda only really came to the fore during the First World War, propaganda has been around since the days of the Ancient Greeks. The insightful infographic below illustrates the use of US propaganda, providing a snapshot of the history of some of the most prolific and recognizable posters. 

Propaganda has been used to illustrate and depict some of the most influential and pressing social issues facing the US. Over the course of the last century, posters and imagery have been employed to further the cause of individuals and organizations and provoke an emotional response. The first significant example is the 1911 ‘Pyramid of the Capitalist System’ poster, which criticized and mocked the concept of capitalism.

During wartime, propaganda posters were released on a regular basis, many of which championed the role and influence of women with a view to attracting female workers to fill positions left vacant by men who had left to fight. More recently, political campaign posters have seized the headlines. In the 1960s, Lyndon B Johnson used an image known as ‘Daisy Girl’ of an innocent young girl and a nuclear bomb to support his presidential campaign, and in 2008, artist Ray Noland published a poster urging people to vote for Barack Obama. 

Posters have formed an integral part of propagating ideas, raising awareness of social issues and gathering support for campaigns in the US. If you’re keen to explore more about the impact of propaganda, why not take a closer look at the infographic below?

Infographic Design By Norwich University

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