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Moths To The Flame: Attracting Event Guests To Your Platform

Moths To The Flame: Attracting Event Guests To Your Platform

Event shows are a chance for your marketing department to really spread its wings. The sales teams all rely on your marketing skills at event shows to attract the various guests to your platform or booth. You’re just one of just a couple hundred businesses at SME events that are held annually all across the world. In direct competition with your neighbors, your platform has to be a vibrant and interesting setup to allure potential customers and clients. Every year at the more prominent events, they’ll always be a few businesses that will go the extra mile. Most businesses will be doing the same thing but in different ways. They’ll go for the same style of platform or booth design just with their own colors, themes and logos. Then you have the determined small businesses in your industry, that have been in the market for a few years, know what they’re about and are looking to expand to a medium-sized business. This is your competition.

The background display

At your booth you should have some seating where guests can come and speak to you but also get some rest. They will be walking around the venue looking at many different stalls so, when they see seats, they’ll come running to have a chat and rest their feet. Your seating area should also have some kind of background with a design that is cool, interesting and showcases your business in the best light possible. Have a look at these options where you can buy 3 meter square media walls. There’s also the highly popular half dome stretch expo wall which is nice for a small booth. The 6 meter stretch fabric curve wall will turn some heads as the print space is amazing and overall design is out of the ordinary. The fabric is a great way to imprint your marketing designs onto and display your logo. 

Something to experience 

Your little space in the event should have something that no one else does. Something that customers can interactively experience with their senses and go away leaving satisfied or at the very least, entertained. Business events are unlike anything else, you really go get the bells and whistles out for the general public. Maybe holding a gaming competition that somehow relates to your product. For example, if you’re making a headset then showcasing the quality of the sound is something you want to do for consumers at the event. Allow them to play a short stage of a game such as a beginner level racing game or flying combat game. Immersing them in the game and giving them the headset to put on and try out will give them a physical experience. Then they have reason to buy your product and believe what your marketing team are saying to them.

A live demonstration

There’s nothing like a like show at a business event. Seeing is believing as they say and if you have a team that can devise a short show, where your business is seen in the best light, you’ll gather the biggest crowd at the event. However it takes careful planning to make a live demonstration event. It’s a bit of a risk and reward balance concern. If everything goes right, it really bodes well for your reputation and you’ll most likely trend on social media. However if it goes wrong i.e. something doesn’t work, you have a technical error, the presenters forget their lines etc, then you’ll trend alright, but for the wrong reasons. So a lot of rehearsing is involved by first you must devise a plan for the demonstration.

Getting more involved

Everyone loves something for nothing, and this can be done at your platform for guests. A competition of soughts can be held, open to everyone. Maybe it’s something to do with the industry, such as 5 basic questions about where the future of the industry lies. It could be a task you do in your business everyday, such as using software to create 3D designs. The guests have a timer to make a product using one of your computers. The best one wins a free product that you make. It gets people involved and draws in a crowd of spectators to watch the spectacle.

Business events are some of the best marketing opportunities around. It’s a mixture of real world and online marketing techniques which you use to attract the guests to your platform. A really good background display, designed onto fabric is great for a booth as it turns heads as people walk by, alluring more to your stall.

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