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What’s The Point Of Automating Your Marketing Activities?

What’s The Point Of Automating Your Marketing Activities?

In essence, marketing automation refers to the technologies and software platforms that are specifically designed to market effectively multiple channels online while automating repetitive tasks.

We’ve all received an email that has displayed poor use of automated systems. Dear [username] and other impersonal data can affect your interactions with a brand. Similarly, you’ve probably come across accidental copy-paste in automated social media posts, such as Scott Disick’s infamous Instagram promotion that was uploaded with the instructions to the social media manager. You can find more about it here. Ultimately, if you’re new to the business world, you might be tempted to stay away from painful mishaps by avoiding marketing automation. But don’t be fooled into believing that automated tools are only a source of worries. On the contrary, they can be a great help when you’re in the process of growing your business presence.

It ensures you always take the best decision

As a rule of the thumb, automation relies on strict rules that define each activity. For complex strategies, such as data-based decisions, using a set of automated rules can provide you from making any costly mistakes. For instance, the most common Adwords automation solution used by agencies is designed to monitor the account health, maximize the results of search campaigns, improve display and video campaigns, and support the presence of shopping campaigns. Each improvement requires not only an in-depth understanding of AdWords processes, but it also needs a constant and thorough analysis of each available data. For instance, improving keyword position can affect your campaign budget, your CTR, your performance review, and your ad display. Taking the best decision by comparing all scenarios is a long and painful process that can be entirely managed through automation.

It frees up time to establish your personality

If you know how to use a social media management tool, you’re unlikely to fall into the same trap than Scott Disick. Instead, you can rely on content management tools to automate publishing according to schedule and organize your media. Additionally, some devices provide extra functions such as qualifying your followers and identifying potential influencers. By letting automated tools manage your social media presence, you can sit back and monitor your impact and track your progress. It’s an opportunity to create meaningful interactions with your followers and build a trustworthy brand.

It boosts your audience loyalty

Last, but not least, marketing automation is all about creating a flowchart of activities. For instance, without a set strategy to handle existing customers, you can miss out on the potential of future purchases. But, an automated reminder email can let you revive the interaction. You can plan emails promoting products that are similar to what they first bought. You can send an email to catch their feedback. You can send a tailored offer, based on the data they’ve already shared – such as a birthday discount for instance. In other words, you can create a path to loyalty with your customers. Indeed, it’s worth noting that the probability of selling to a new customer is less than 20% while selling to an existing audience can be up to 70%.

Automation, when it’s done correctly, can dramatically increase a business growth potential. But there’s one crucial rule to follow: You need more than an excellent tool to make it work. You need an automation expert to create the settings and actions that make a difference.

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