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BuiltBar – The New Gold Standard in Protein and Energy Bars

BuiltBar – The New Gold Standard in Protein and Energy Bars

Having been 300lbs (On my 5’10” frame) at one time in my life, and as a single father of 5, and wanting to live long enough to see grandchildren, I knew I had to put myself in tip-top shape. I write about that journey to physical fitness and other successes (and failures) in my best-selling book, “Leader of the Pack.”

But I am here today to tell you about a product I just came across that is going top help me maintain my high fitness and energy level by providing a great tasting protein source (15g) at in a delicious 110 calorie energy bar. As a busy Business Consultant and Professional Speaker, I am on the road or over-booked frequently. So when I need a boost for a workout or to get through the next speech, I now reach for my new favorite, a BUILTBAR!

I have used regularly essentially every bar in the chart above and statistically and taste-bug wise, Builtbar is the best hands down. and the one I will enjoy as a regular part of my fitness routine.

If you want to try a sampler pack for yourself, head over to and use code “msweet” for a special discount.

Be healthy, be strong!

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