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Here’s Why You Might Want To Quit Your Job And Work From Home

Here’s Why You Might Want To Quit Your Job And Work From Home

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Should you quit your job and work from home?

If you have ever considered the option, know that you aren’t the only one. According to statistics, there are over 38 million home-based business in the US, and that number is only set to increase over the coming years. With the rise of zero-hour contracts, threats of redundancy, and a desire for a greater work-life balance, many people are giving up their daily commute to base themselves at home.

And you might want to do the same.

Ask yourself these questions?

Are you unfulfilled in your job?

We aren’t all blessed with jobs that offer us fulfillment. Above and beyond the size of our pay packets, many of us crave greater meaning in the work we do. We want to enjoy coming to work each day, without those feelings of stress and dread when we wake up each morning, and we want to find job satisfaction. So, if you aren’t finding any kind of fulfillment at work, you might want to consider your alternatives. One would be to switch to a more meaningul and enjoyable career, but another would be to start your own business from home, using your hobbies and passions in life as a basis for your idea. You might then find greater fulfillment in the work you do.

Do you want to become rich?

Of course, asking if you want to become rich is probably a stupid question. Many of us do, not only to have the nicer things in life but to better provide for our families. If you aren’t making enough money in your current job, then you might want to think about ways to improve your finances. Again, you could switch careers, or you might want to think about home-based opportunities that could afford you the chance to make a lot of money.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself how can I get rich by working from home? Good question, and while there is no guarantee of riches, you might consider investing. The stock market is an obvious place to invest your money, but you might also consider real-estate if you have the funds to buy yourself a property.  Another popular route is cryptocurrency, with bitcoin being a popular choice for many. Take a look at these people who have made millions by doing so. Could you buy a bitcoin miner and make a go of it yourself? You might, even if you started it as a side-hustle, as you might with any of these investment ideas. Once you start to make a profit, you will then be in a safer position to quit your job and focus on investing as a work-from-home business idea. 

Do you hate your boss?

Okay, so hate is probably too strong a word, but you might dislike them. If you don’t relate well to them, on both a personal and business level, then you might want to say goodbye. This is especially true if they cause you stress in any way, perhaps because they overwork you, or because they don’t allow you to utilize your skills at work. Instead of answering ‘to the man,’ you might want to consider the benefits of being your own boss, such as having creative freedom and greater flexibility in your working day. We aren’t saying running your own business will be easy, but there is plenty of advice online, including articles on our website to help you. 


Working from home isn’t for everybody, and quitting your job might not be something you are willing to do, even if you aren’t happy. But think about what we have suggested in this article, and if anything here has struck a nerve within you, then perhaps it’s time to consider the possibility of leaving your employer now or in the future to start out on your own.

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