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The Fascinating Aspects Of Behavioral Marketing

The Fascinating Aspects Of Behavioral Marketing

Maybe it’s time you hired a psychologist to work for you, because it seems like behavior is a massive part of consumer trends. We’ve all got unique personalities, different ways of thinking and thus we all act differently too. It’s quite amazing to think of but with over 7 billion people now on the planet, not one of us is the same. That is a remarkable thing and yet it’s a daunting challenge for businesses. How on earth can you continue to be successful when you can’t rely on everyone to be reliable? Well this is where behavioral marketing comes in because you’re studying consumer patterns. This is what links many millions of people together, because we might have different personalities but our wants and needs can be the same. How we satisfy those needs is done through our behavior. Your business is about to get a whole lot more exciting.

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Frequency is telling

It’s a no-brainer, when someone buys something multiple times you can bet money on it that they like it. It’s almost so obvious that it’s not even worth mentioning but there is a pattern here. Maybe someone likes a coffee flavor chocolate so they buy it every time they can while shopping for other groceries. Dive deeper into this and you’ll see that they might be using that chocolate for something. Maybe they crush it up or melt it into a milkshake, a cake, ice cream or Greek yogurt. If you were going to use this valuable behavior pattern to increase sales, you might target an ad to that person with a 10% discount on the coffee flavor chocolate if they buy 2 or more. You could put this discount in an email, or perhaps target their online shopping account on your website with banner ads. 

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Their paths on social media

How do you grab the attention of a social media user? There is so much information on the screen, they’re scrolling down and they are bombarded with pictures, hashtags, videos, emojis, text, interactive buttons for liking and sharing and more. What is going to stop someone from writing a comment and clicking on your ad? Well for Facebook using a facebook ad agency that knows how to use behavioral patterns to effectively market your products and services, not much. They will study the age, interests, hobbies, interactions and plenty more of your customers and only present products that have the highest percentage of being positively accepted by users. The demographics are key, as wealth, nationality, gender and more play a huge role in our behavior. Using Facebook Insights and Google Analytics, the company will accurately target specific people with the behaviors most advantage to your business.

If you frequently buy something, wouldn’t you be pleased if the brand you’re buying targets you with a special discount? It’s kind of like saying thank you and everyone wins. The same goes for social media patterns, because you want someone who has the type of purchasing habits that your business could satisfy to notice you.

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