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Single Dad? Here Are 7 Strategies To Boost Your Child Custody Case

Single Dad? Here Are 7 Strategies To Boost Your Child Custody Case

It’s a well-known fact that raising a child on your own is both hard and challenging. But it’s not without its rewards! One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you raised a child, and were a big part of their life.

Are you a single dad and looking to claim sole custody of your child? If that is the case, this blog post is for you. You have likely realized you have quite a journey to complete when it comes to child custody.

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For the most part, we usually hear about how mothers apply for custody of their offspring. While it’s not unknown, fathers applying for custody isn’t as common an occurrence. Still, you should not let that fact put you off because the courts do not discriminate. The courts only award custody to the parent that’s most likely to raise the child in the best way possible.

The following seven strategies will help you boost your custody case:

1. Keep up-to-date with your child support payments

It doesn’t matter whether you have a formal or informal arrangement to pay child support to the child’s mother. What you should do is keep making those payments. You should also maintain records of how much you pay and when.

2. Be there for your child

If your son or daughter is not living with you, you must build a strong relationship with them. Be sure to check in on them each day, and don’t forget to introduce yourself to their school. Your child must know you are there for them whenever they need you.

3. Hire the best lawyer to represent you in court

Don’t cheap out on your legal representation! Make sure that you hire the best child custody lawyer that you can afford. Doing so means that you stand the best chance of getting awarded custody. Plus, the lawyer will make sure that the courts know you are a good father.

4. Make your home welcoming for your child

Has your child got an adequate space to live in your home? The courts will want to see evidence of your living arrangements. Plus, your child will want to feel safe and secure where you live, and not feel like just a visitor.

5. Make sure you can afford sole custody

Another thing that gets scrutinized in a custody case is affordability. All children deserve the best start in life, and to feel safe, loved, and cared for in their homes. Ensure that your finances are in check and that you can support your child.

6. Be sure to attend important school events

You will need to get involved with your child’s education. That includes attending school events, and will often be in the presence of the child’s mother. Examples include parent-teacher meetings, school plays, and sporting events.

7. Remain respectful towards your child’s mother

Last, but not least, you should ensure that you stay respectful to your child’s mother. The way that you talk to or treat her will be part of the decision process when awarding you sole custody. Aside from that, it also shows your child that you are a good person.

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