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Productivity Hacks That Could Transform Your Business

Productivity Hacks That Could Transform Your Business

Almost every business could probably use a few hacks to help them be as productive and efficient as possible. Business owners that are set in their ways about the way they have always done things tend to fall behind their competitors because they are scared of trying new things. However, a business should be ever evolving, as is the business landscape. Making sure that your business is always changing and growing is key to your success, and this won’t happen if you don’t make changes now.

Below, you’ll find a few productivity hacks that could transform your business. Take a look and see what you could change:

Allow Your Employees To Take Naps

You might think that this sounds insane – why would you let your employees sleep on the job? Not only that, why would you pay them for it? Well, nap pods have been introduced into many modern businesses over the last few years, and business owners are finding them ridiculously effective. Business owners are finding that employees emerge from a 15-20 minute nap in the pod feeling re energized and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Working through doesn’t necessarily mean getting more done. 

Introduce More Employee Perks 

Treating your employees like they matter to your business will help you to improve your employee retention, reduce turnover, and encourage employees to work smarter and more productively when in the office. Things like corporate gym memberships, if you can afford them, can encourage employees to work out which in turn can mean a higher quality of work. You might also introduce things like free fresh fruit, lunch one day a week, and whatever else you can work into your budget. 

Create An Environment That Allows Employees To Thrive

You need an environment that employees like spending time in. Creating a culture you can brag about is key, and treating your employees well is the first step. Then, you need to make sure the environment is suitable. For example, natural light to promote a better mood, plants for cleaner air and aesthetics, high quality equipment to allow the team to get the job done, and so on. 

The environment should also be clean, so consider hiring a cleaner to come in once a week. These things will improve/maintain employee’s mental and physical health and they should enjoy spending time in the work place. 

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Work With Businesses That Complement Your Business 

You should work with businesses that complement your business nicely. Make sure you do your research so that if you need to rent a piece of equipment, you know where to go and that you can rely on their service. For example, if you get a commercial flatbed from Flex Fleet, you’ll note the sort of service we’re talking about. 

Set Clear Goals 

Having clear goals to aim for is always a good idea, so set both short and long term and encourage your team to do the same. You can also track how productive you really are this way. 

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