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Increasing Workplace Security

Increasing Workplace Security

The world is a dangerous place. Unfortunately, every day, there are stories in the news about break-ins, attacks, and other incidents that put businesses and lives at risk. You may have experienced issues in your workplace, in which you, your staff, or your business itself have been hurt, injured, or otherwise put at risk. 

When we start our businesses, safety is always a consideration. But, unfortunately, it isn’t always one that we take seriously enough. You might understand that you have a responsibility to keep your staff safe, and you might know that your business needs your protection. Still, we often don’t understand what that truly means until something happens — an incident that forces us to look at our safety protocols. Most businesses don’t take security seriously enough until it is too late. 

If you want to increase the security of your workplace because you are worried, you want to protect yourself or your staff. Because you are learning from the mistakes of others. Or because you have already experienced a security breach of some kind, here are some of the things that you can do.

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A simple security measure to put in place is issuing ID badges to your staff, as well as buying wholesale badge holders so that they are easily displayed. This can help you identify your team, and intruders quickly. These badges could be chipped so that you can scan them on entry to your building. But, even simple ID badges on display can be useful.

Invest Time in Security Training

Training is essential if you want to keep safe. Teach your staff how to look after themselves. Brief them in any safety protocols, tell them where they are allowed, and explain any restrictions. Invest time in security training, and make sure it’s regularly updated. 

Update Your Software

People in the real world aren’t the only risk to your business. Cybersecurity is becoming a much more significant concern for all of us. You’ll want to install security programs on your computers, as well as firewalls and security plugins on your website. But, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of updating all of your software whenever an update is available. These often contain the latest security patches, and you shouldn’t wait to install them. 

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Having an open-door policy is great in many ways. But, if your staff are free to wander around your workplace, it becomes easier for other people to get in unnoticed. Restrict staff access to some areas to reduce risks. 

Install Security Systems

Do you have CCTV? An alarm system? A security guard or doorman? Is your reception desk always manned? Simple security systems like these can be handy and even their presence may deter potential trespassers. Just make sure that you do your research and invest in quality systems. For example, cameras found at https://spectur.com.au/4g-wireless-security-cameras/ can keep an eye on the exterior of your property, identifying any unauthorized visitors.

Access Your Building

What about your building? Is it safe? Are the windows and doors secure? Do all of the locks work well? Is the structure of the building in good condition? Access the building, looking for weaknesses, and make improvements and repairs wherever needed. 

Encourage Common Sense

Often, the best way to keep safe is to practice common sense and to encourage others to do the same. Lead by example, take security seriously, and others will too.

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