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How To Secure Your Business Using Smart Technology

How To Secure Your Business Using Smart Technology

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Smart technology is any kind of technology that can be linked up to a smart device. In business, there are many applications for smart technology including the ability to link up one’s device to manufacturing machinery or a heavy goods vehicle to monitor performance. One particular area in which smart technology can benefit is business security – by linking up lighting, cameras and alarms to your phone, you can effectively monitor your businesses premises from any location and keep it secure. Below are just a few ways in which you can secure your business using smart technology.

Smart locks

Keyless entry door locks could be one way of embracing smart technology. Instead of having to give employees keys or cards to allow entry into secure areas, you could enable them to simply access areas by scanning an app on their phone. This reduces the inconvenience caused by losing keys and cards – an employee is much less likely to lose their phone.

On top of mobile scan operated locks, there are also smart locks on the market that can be locked and unlocked remotely from any location, which could be another option to look into (some businesses use smart rolling shutter doors, which can allow employees in vehicles to open and close the shutter doors without having to get out and press buttons or rely on other staff members).

Smart cameras

A smart camera could allow you to view live security camera footage of your business premises on your phone. If someone contacts you with concerns that they’ve seen people loitering around your premises, this could allow you to quickly check the scene on your phone to determine whether you should call the police.

On top of smart fixed security cameras, some businesses may also want to look into security drones. If you own a large premises such as a farm or a park, a security drone could allow you to quickly and safely survey the area if you suspect someone is trespassing or if you notice any disturbances.

Fixed cameras and drones can also come with speaker features allowing you to make voice broadcasts to scare off intruders if necessary. You can also buy motion-sensing cameras that record footage only when there is motion to save power (these can be combined with motion-sensing lights).  

Smart alarms

Just like a regular burglar alarm that triggers when someone breaks in, a smart alarm will make a sound whenever someone make unauthorised entry, as well as sending you an alert on your phone. If you have smart cameras, this could allow you to then check the scene to see if there is indeed a burglary happening – or if it’s just an employee that’s forgotten the alarm code.

Some smart alarms also send alerts to the police after having been triggered for a certain period of time. This could provide added peace of mind if you are occupied and unable to respond.

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