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Say Goodbye To Customers, If You Don’t Offer Customization

Say Goodbye To Customers, If You Don’t Offer Customization

Thank your lucky stars, you live in this era of business. Once upon a time, people were happy to get a product that was effective and reasonably priced. Even if it was mass-produced and your neighbor had the exact same kind. But now, not only do people want those two things, they want to be able to make their product unique. They want customization and any business that doesn’t see this trend, is willfully ignorant. This is why so many businesses have begun to offer their customization service to all customers. It used to be only for the affluent customer, that the bespoke service and red carpet would be rolled out for. Things have changed drastically, and we’re starting to see more and more customization all around the world.

Simplicity is your entrance

When business leaders think ‘customization’ or ‘bespoke’ they bite their nails at the cost it would mean to give this service to every customer. But don’t worry, you can enter into this new trend via simple services. Take for example Nutella. It’s offering customers a chance to make their own labels. By writing a customer’s name in their font and style, they make that person feel special without busting the bank vault. Simply print off the label and stick it onto the jar. Now if you have more than one child, each of them gets their own jar with their own name on it. Simple yet effective. 

Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

Modern decor 

Of all the industries that you would have thought to be offering a customization service, the interior design industry was one you were probably most skeptical about. Once products are made they can’t be altered, right? That’s right, but a company like Solid Surface is offering its customers a chance to choose their own color, material, and faucet type. This means that a product that was once a simple countertop, can now be a cream, marble countertop with copper taps on a black granite sink. These changes are made on the website, but they’re essential, made to order.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Custom jackets

You may have already guessed it, but the clothing industry is where the most change has occurred in this respect. Now businesses are offering customers the chance to perk up their shoes. Nike especially offers customization of their sneakers to all customers. So if you were a fashion brand, you could offer something simple like someone’s name, group or mascot to be patched into a jacket. You can make custom patches that would fit any style. There are flak patches that you can have on the front, shoulder patches and even patches for caps. For example, fitting a penguin hockey mascot to a letterman jacket to symbolize sporting culture and loyalty to a team, would offer a customer a simple way to make their product unique.

Customers will not settle for less once they get used to something. Modern companies must offer their customers a chance to make their product unique, so they feel more attached to your business. One way to do that is to allow online customization and a made to order service for all products.

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