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How To Make A Workplace Feel Like Home

How To Make A Workplace Feel Like Home

Being at work every day for five days a week, for most people, this is a place they spend more time than their own home. And so it’s important that although your staff shouldn’t treat it like a home, it should feel more inviting and have an enjoyable atmosphere. Here are some tips to make a workplace feel like home.

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Encourage Work Desk Personalization

For a business, the staff who work for you make up the business personality and so you want that to be unique. All staff members are different, and although you want to present a certain professionalism in business, it’s always worth encouraging work desk personalization. Tell your staff to bring in their own personal or custom mugs and tell them to decorate their desk as they like. Be aware that perhaps not all members of staff can do this, but you should definitely try to bring as much of their home comforts out as possible, even if it’s a small photo of their family or friends.

Incorporate Some Plants 

Nature is very comforting to us as humans, and it can instantly add some appeal to the space. With that in mind, you can add some plants and flowers around various of the office. Give someone in that area or a department the responsibility to water the plants in the area and to make sure that they remain alive. No one wants to have dead or dying plants in the office because that will have the opposite effect to what you’re trying to create. There are a variety of plants available, and they all behave a little differently, so get your operations or reception team to look into it.

Allow Comfortable Attire Away From Clients

Even though staff need to be presentable within the workplace for any potential clients that walk through the office, it’s still important to make sure your staff are feeling comfortable. So with that in mind, allow staff to keep a pair of slippers underneath the desk and perhaps a jumper so that they can feel more relaxed when working in front of their desk. Slippers are something many of us wear at home, and it can instantly provide comfort and that feeling of being grounded.

Keep Cozy And Warm

You want to keep your staff feeling healthy, and if the workplace is cold, then that can actually have an effect on workplace productivity. So try to maintain a nice healthy temperature, not too cold that they find it hard to work but not too hot that they are sweating from the heat. A nice level of heat is needed, particularly drawing the winter. And if possible, provide some communal blankets for those who really feel the cold.

Making a workplace feel more like a comforting space is important to keep your staff happy. So make the changes where you can to make it a pleasant atmosphere for everyone. Once you have happy staff, your work productivity as a business will go up.

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