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5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Redecorate Your Office

5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Redecorate Your Office

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If you run a small business, you’re going to be looking for low-cost and budget-friendly ways to redecorate your office space. And while there are certain things that you can change throughout the years as you grow, there’s no harm in saving some money from the get-go. 

However, this is not limited to small businesses only. Larger organizations might also want to find more budget-friendly ways to decorate; using the money that they have saved in other areas of the business. When looking for more low-cost ways to decorate it is, however, important not to cut too many corners as you want your employees to still have an enjoyable and productive work environment,

If you’re unsure as to where to begin, here is a list of 5 economical methods you can use within your office premises, no matter what industry you’re working within:

Used Cubicles

Cubicles can be expensive, yet they are a must-have for many businesses. If you want high-quality cubicles, but don’t have the time and budget for brand-new cubicles, consider investing in used cubicles. With the functionality of newer models, you can have them installed within your premises efficiently. 

These used cubicles can also be adapted to suit your office (e.g. through painting it so that it matches the space), so you don’t have to worry about them not fitting your interior design. 

Paint, Paint, Paint

A new paint color can make all of the difference to an office space. So when it comes time to redecorate, consider investing in a vibrant and welcoming paint color – or combining a muted color such as white, with blue, yellow or purple. This will make the area a lot warmer and make your employees feel more positive every day. 

The paint color also has a direct impact on the levels of productivity within your office space. So ditch the traditional white and creme walls and brighten up the rooms with a color that’s a little more unique. Of course, this might not work for every business – so you will want to assess your overall office design before you invest. 

Bring The Outside In

Indoor plants have been a popular choice for many office premises throughout the years – and this low-cost and fashionable option will never change. Indoor plants are a great way to make the atmosphere within your office more relaxing and make the space more aesthetically pleasing. 

Very low-maintenance, they will also freshen the air and complement any decor – whether you pair it with contemporary furniture or a more traditional office interior design. 


When it comes to lighting, many offices rely on strip fluorescent lighting. And while this works for some businesses, it doesn’t work for everyone. To ensure that your employees maintain their motivation and creativity, consider opting for less harsh lighting options – such as floor lamps and alternative overhead lighting. 

These are also a lot cheaper and will add a stylish touch to your office – making it far more contemporary. If your office has lots of windows, also make sure that these take a prolific role in your office. By letting lots of natural light into each room, your employees will be able to concentrate a lot better. 


Without anything on the walls, your office might end up looking bland and lifeless. So, instead, why not invest in some bright and interesting paintings?

Now, these don’t have to be by famous painters – as that will only increase the cost. Instead, opt for paintings and photography from local artists. Adding a touch of color and an extraordinary design, they should perfectly complement each room. 

These low-cost alternatives also tend to be a lot more unique than more prolific pieces. As they are more affordable, you’ll also be able to purchase more of them, rather than just one piece that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.  

Final Thoughts

Those are just five of the ways that you can redecorate your office premises whilst sticking to a budget. Of course, what you choose to do is up to you – you will want to consider your timeline, budget and the business itself. 

For example, if you run a media agency, you’ll want to add lots of color and contemporary furnishings. But if you run an accountancy firm, then more traditional furnishings might be the way to go.

Spend some time looking at various office designs and consider hiring an interior designer before taking the leap – if your budget allows for it, of course.

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