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Stress Busting Exercises for the New Year

Stress Busting Exercises for the New Year

The life of a manager is inherently stressful. Whatever the size of the team you’re responsible for, be it two or two hundred and two, being responsible for people and outcomes can take its toll. According to the American Institute of Stress, 83% of the US workforce suffers with work-related stress, and businesses lose up to $300 billion dollars every year which is attributed to work-place stress. It’s important to manage your employees well, but that’s basically impossible if you are also dealing with your own stress levels.

One of the most important factors in maintaining your mental health is having a good work-life balance. Exercise is one of the best ways of doing this. Not only will the activity improve your physical well-being, but the endorphins released can combat depression and anxiety. Read on for some exercises that you might not have considered before, but which will improve your body and mind simultaneously.

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The adrenaline of using your strength and power to climb an indoor wall is a great mood-boost. One of the best things about climbing is that you can actually see your target getting closer as you progress with your climb. It will help improve your endurance and increase both your upper and lower-body strength as you will have to support your entire body weight as part of your journey. Indoor climbing walls are getting increasingly common and, if you’ve never climbed before, it’s worth starting off here to boost your fitness and technique before you hit the great outdoors.

Check out this guide to help people manage their day to day lives better and improve their well-being.

Horse Riding

Studies have shown that animals and pets relieve stress, so incorporating an animal into your exercise routine will kill two birds with one stone. Whilst it might initially seem as if the horse is doing all the work, trotting and galloping require stamina from you as you counter the horse’s movements by rising and falling in the stirrups. This will strengthen your leg muscles. Your coordination will also improve as you steer your steed, and it’s particularly satisfying to progress towards learning how to gallop. Just fifteen minutes of jumping can burn up to 140 calories, so you’ll be shedding those pounds in no time if that’s what you’re hoping for.


In the last few years, yoga has gone mainstream. And it isn’t just about sitting cross-legged on a mat while incense burns. Yoga focuses on strength, stamina and flexibility. You might not expect to be holding a plank, breathing your way through sit-ups and holding low push-up positions, but if you follow Vinyasa yoga, that will be what you find yourself doing. It’s worth doing some research on the different types of yoga so you don’t feel put-off by the new vocabulary when you book a class. If you’re new to yoga, it’s worth checking out a beginner’s session or looking at beginner yoga poses online via Youtube before you start.Whatever kind of exercise you enjoy, make some time for it this year and alleviate some stress. Use a dicks sporting goods coupon to kit yourself out in the appropriate gear and look for a class near you.

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