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3 Growing Business Ideas for People Who Like to Work Outside

3 Growing Business Ideas for People Who Like to Work Outside

Image by Semevent from Pixabay

While most of us prefer the comfort of the workplace and our rigid daily routine, there are many people who like to work outside. There are many professions that require being outside for extended periods but few that actually require it pretty much all of the time.

Whether you love the sun or prefer the snow, being outdoors may be your preferred option and some of the options you might consider include:

  • Industrial maintenance
  • Farming
  • Landscaping

Industrial sites need looking after and while it’s dirty work, someone has to do it while farming is an excellent way of grounding yourself, and landscaping, while difficult, is a highly rewarding profession.

Industrial Maintenance

The size and scale of modern industrial sites such as mega factories, manufacturing sites, and warehouses mean that they are in need of constant maintenance both inside and out. There are many companies that benefit from the demand for industrial cleaning and you could be one of them.

Buildings such as warehouses that might be getting old are always in need of some kind of repair or preventative measures such as roof coatings to prevent leaks, gutter cleaning, and waste management. These are all relatively easy to start businesses but require some skill.

Due to the ever-rising demand for consumer products and new inventions, the current industrial cleaning market is booming at around $50 billion and is projected to be significantly higher in just a few years. How the current pandemic affects this remains to be seen, but manufacturing and warehouse facilities appear to be more in demand than ever as online retail has seen a 40% increase since lockdown restrictions began.


While it’s a shaky industry that requires expert knowledge, farming of natural resources is almost exclusively outdoors so it is ideal for the nature lover. Working with animals as well as crops can be spiritually rewarding and if successful, farming can yield a good income.

You might be thinking that you can’t farm because you need land, well, that is true, but you don’t need a lot of land. Micro farming is a growing industry and can be done under 5 acres to make a good profit.

Advancements in modern farming technologies such as vertical growing, LED lights and automatic irrigation means that vast open countryside is no longer required and the most successful micro farmers have been known to make $100,000 per acre by farming fast-growing crops such as baby spinach and herbs which can be farmed every three to four weeks.


A highly skilled trade, landscaping is the art of creating a beautiful natural area such as a garden or park by carefully forming the land and selecting resources to populate it with. If you have any kind of gardening experience and you love to do it, you will probably be a natural at landscaping.

With the current pandemic going on, many people are learning how to landscape at home with their own gardens and while gardening is typically associated with older people, the younger generations are increasingly gardening as well. Similar to farming, as a landscaper you will be outside pretty much all day so it lends itself well to outdoorsy types.

Most people who become landscapers start young by gaining diplomas and necessary qualifications, but these aren’t always required and should you be experienced enough this is a viable option for finally starting your own business. However, taking some extra classes to learn about plant and bush care as well as the technical theory behind the practice might be a good idea.

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