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5 Software Apps Your Company Can’t Do Without

5 Software Apps Your Company Can’t Do Without

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As a business owner, it’s likely that productivity and efficiency helped you to grow and succeed. To continue on the right path, it’s vital to keep technology well and truly on your side. To improve the effectiveness of your processes, and facilitate collaboration between your teams, here are five software apps to support your operations.

1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks won the award for the best accounting software in 2019. It’s aimed at both small businesses and mid-sized businesses with some great price plans too. With FreshBooks, you don’t need prior experience in accounting to get top results. It’s simple to automate expense organization, follow-ups with clients, time tracking and more. You can easily integrate with other apps such as PayPal or G Suite should you require. What’s more, Freshbooks allows you to create a billing schedule, including recurring payments. The software also permits you to capture expenses, prioritize tasks and display key assignments. 

2. Clarizen 

Clarizen is a project management tool, providing businesses with a streamlined way to organize their workload. Clarizen offers a friendly interface where team members can communicate and collaborate with ease. There are features which connect tasks with their social context to deliver productivity every time. Take advantage of sheer convenience, with access to your reports, docs, workflows and interactions all in one place. Further features include issue tracking, portfolio management, Gantt Charts and budget tracking.

3. IncidentEye

IncidentEye offer critical event management solutions for organizations. They provide a monitoring hub and incident management app which allows companies to locate their staff in the event of an incident (such as a terror attack or national disaster). Using the software, you can quickly and efficiently capture real-time safety status and locate those who need help. When an incident occurs, the app is immediately activated. Those within the geozone will be shown within the hub while privacy is retained for those who are not within the location. In the unfortunate event of an incident, it’s best to be adequately prepared.


Domo is a great business intelligence tool that offers visualizations of your important data. Domo arrives with useful social sharing features, so it’s easy to exchange info between your teams as well as comment and communicate. Features include dashboard customization, data analysis and varied integrations. The ‘Domo University’ tool will teach you all you need to know about using the software using video lessons and whitepapers. 

5. Sling 

Sling is an employee scheduling platform which includes both task management and shift management. It’s a great way to help your company to delegate tasks, communicate and track shift availability. Using Sling, you’ll ensure that no schedules overlap plus make it easier to improve time off. There are also some great time clock features, so it’s simple to keep on top of working hours overall. The instant messaging aspect ensures that any scheduling problems can be solved quickly in real-time. Using software like Sling you’ll far improve the efficiency of your company

With the right software, you’ll save your business time and money, while enhancing creativity and performance.

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