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3 Reasons Why Starting Your Own Business Is Worth It (Despite the Struggles)

3 Reasons Why Starting Your Own Business Is Worth It (Despite the Struggles)

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Starting your own business is not exactly a walk in the park. You need resources, a clear plan of what you want to achieve, and the ability and willingness to work hard, day in and day out, whether or not you feel like it.

Setbacks are certain, failures and reboots are very likely, and you’ll have plenty to keep you preoccupied, between investigating things like working capital loans, and figuring out how to launch an effective marketing campaign.

Despite all that, though, starting your own business is still absolutely worth it. Here are a few reasons why.

Because it will increase your general “range”

It’s difficult to find any one thing you could do that would have the potential to teach you as much as starting up your own business.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires you to immerse yourself in all sorts of different dimensions of the professional landscape, and will certainly enable you to see things from a much more dynamic and nuanced perspective.

In the book “Range,” by David Epstein, the author looks at some compelling evidence that many of the most successful people in the world are not really “hyper-focused specialists” in the way we tend to imagine. Rather, they are people who have a broad “range” of experiences, skill sets, and insights.

Starting a business will work wonders to increase your “range.”

Because each obstacle you encounter will make you a more savvy entrepreneur going forward

A lot of people are daunted by the idea of trying their hand at a business venture, only to fail. This anxiety is certainly not likely to be helped by the fact that, statistically, the majority of start-ups do indeed fail.

There is an important point that is being overlooked here, though. Entrepreneurship isn’t a “one and done” kind of deal. Rather, the most successful and established entrepreneurs in the world all have a decent number of failed ventures under their belts.

The trick is that each obstacle you encounter, and each failure you endure, as an entrepreneur, will make you significantly more savvy and capable going forward.

In other words, the uncertainty, failures, and frustration pave your way to future success.

Because life is a lot more interesting and exciting when you are working on ambitious projects

In order to really get the most out of life as a whole, it’s important to do things that you find exciting and interesting, that free you from the mundane, and that give texture and adventure to your everyday existence.

Starting your own business is, simply, an adventure. It is something that you can invest yourself in wholeheartedly and spend your energy on. It’s something that can reward you, in a variety of deep ways.

Life is a lot more interesting and exciting when you’re working on ambitious projects, and starting your own business is certainly an ambitious project.

So, don’t think about everything from a pure numbers perspective. Working on your own business can enhance your quality of life, in and of itself.

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