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Cars 101: Common Car Troubles and Their Solutions

Cars 101: Common Car Troubles and Their Solutions

Owning a car is considered a necessity today, now more than ever. Not having one can make you feel helpless. However, regardless of the car model you purchase, you will still face some problems at one point. Therefore, you should know how to maintain your vehicle to not only drive a good looking car but also stay safe on the road. As your car ages, you will notice that it gets more problematic.

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Common Car Troubles and How to Solve Them

Faulty battery

A car battery is one of the vital parts of your car. It cannot function without it, and most drivers, especially new ones, do not know how to recognize this problem. The life span of a battery is around five years, and most of them are made of lead or acid. Some of the mechanical issues of batteries include terminal failure and clamp connections.

The solution is to apply a lubricant on the terminals and to prevent corrosion. Additionally, you can buy a maintenance-free battery. These are advanced car batteries that last for years without any issues. Such batteries have fewer problems, and when out of power, they can be recharged easily.

Dirty catalytic converter

A catalytic converter is located between the muffler and the engine. Its main work is to convert pollutants into harmless gas. It can get dirty and fail to function correctly; some of the signs of a dirty catalytic include:

  • Dark smoke
  • Reduced acceleration
  • Low engine performance
  • Can cause excessive heating

You can avoid these problems by keeping a clean catalytic converter at all times.

Fuel problems

Cars rely on gas, and without it, the engine cannot run. Apart from running out of fuel, sometimes the fuel tank may have problems. Some of these problems are caused by leaking pipes, leaking fuel, faulty injectors, and broken carburetor.

The easiest solution to these problems is filling up your tank. But, if there is any mechanical problem, it has to be checked and fixed. Have the car inspected and serviced regularly to identify these problems before they get out of hand.

Problematic wheels and flat tires

Tires and wheels can wear out quickly, depending on the terrain where you drive on. Sometimes, being careful is not enough to keep your tires in good condition. Tires can go flat after a few hours of parking without any warning. Damaged tires pose serious danger while driving.

It’s hard to predict any problems related to tires and wheels, so you should always check them before going on a trip. Also, carry a spare wheel regardless of how short your trip is. What’s more, have tools to fix the tire, including jack stands, floor jack, and a wrench. Once in a while, have the tires checked by an expert.

Getting locked out

Getting locked out of your is a common problem. This mostly happens to people with cars that lock automatically. It is one of the frustrating car problems that you have to deal with as a car owner. The ideal solution is to have a spare key.

Final Thoughts

You have most likely faced some of the above problems, and you now know their solutions. Some of the problems may require a professional to fix, while others you can handle on your own. If you’re unsure about a problem, you can use your phone to diagnose the car problem, before you decide on whether to call in a local mechanic.

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