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Wearing the Right Clothes for the Job

Wearing the Right Clothes for the Job

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We all have to go to work. Sometimes we enjoy our roles. Sometimes we’re simply using them as a stepping stone to get somewhere else. Either way, you’re going to want to make sure you come across as professional and competent at all times. The better you present yourself, the more likely you are to be taken seriously, receive promotions, get pay rises, and generally progress up the career ladder. One huge part of self presentation is how you dress for work. No matter what your workplace clothing policy is, you can put time and effort into ensuring you really nail it and look great at all times. Here are a few pieces of advice that can help you to achieve this!

Specific Uniforms and Clothing

Before we get started, it’s important to note that the following advice doesn’t apply to every role. Some jobs require specific outfits, some which may be supplied to you, some which you may have to take care of yourself. Some roles will need protective shoes, such as steel toe cap boots. Some will require fire resistant clothing, like that you can find at www.froutlet.com. If you need specific clothing, chances are your job will recommend it. But it’s always best to research, use your common sense and ensure you have everything you need if you’re working in a potentially hazardous field.

General Business Wear

For general business wear, you’re going to want to look smart. You can’t really go wrong with a good quality suit. If you work in a formal environment, the jacket will be important. If you work in a more casual environment, you may not need to wear the jacket at all times, but it’s still a good idea to pick one up, for meetings and other occasions. Small details can make all the difference. Make sure you have a decent tie, cufflinks to keep your cuffs together, and clean, polished shoes.

Casual Work Environments

Some offices allow casual wear. These tend to be offices that aren’t customer facing. In these, a suit may seem a little over the top. But do still do your utmost to look smart. Avoid ripped jeans, muddy shoes and old battered items of clothing that may be comfortable but look scruffy. Make sure your clothing is high quality and looks great!


Grooming is a huge part of self-presentation in the workplace. You can have the best suit on the market, but if you look grubby or smell while you’re wearing it, you aren’t going to be putting yourself across in the best light. Whatever your hairstyle, make sure it is neat. Have the ends of your hair trimmed to make sure there aren’t split ends and make sure it’s styled each day. Clean beneath your nails to remove any dirt. Make sure to use sufficient deodorant and antiperspirant. These are basic steps, but many people begin to slack off when they spend every day in the office and find themselves in a rush in the mornings.

Being presentable in the workplace is important. It can greatly impact how you come across and how your career progresses! So, take the topic seriously and put in a little effort.

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