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De-Stress Your Feet with Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear

De-Stress Your Feet with Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear

When I moved to Florida from NYC, I tossed out all of my old shoes and boots. Particularly the ones that were for cold weather. I lived in a high-rise rental until a few months ago when I bought a house here is South Florida. I was the GC of my house project and that was a very heavy workload in addition to my regular job. On some days that meant 15-20,000 steps of heavy carrying, walking up and down ladders and standing on one foot and reaching. Days would end with exhaustion and in particular, sore and aching feet.

My regular Florida shoes I was wearing were killing me – well killing my feet, so I decided to find a pair of rugged shoes, that were reasonably lightweight and provided some cushioning. I got myself a pair of Z-CoiL Outback Hiker Boots. Having never had any kind of hiking or work boots since I was a kid (NYC & Miami apartment life) I didn’t know what to expect. When I opened the box, I was most surprised at how sexy and beautiful they were. I had that moment where you think, I don’t want to ruin these with paint or work dirt – I can wear these around town. But, work had to be done and my feet were sore, I out them immediately into action. It was time to wear the right shoes for the job.

I liked that they came with an extra pair of rugged laces and an extra pair of insoles. That told me they wanted me to have these shoes last. The boots felt very rugged, and they are NOT light but not overly heavy. Construction is solid and I am always a size 10 D/E and they fit perfectly – true to size. I was concerned about the height of the heel. It’s BIG. I have never worn a heel like that and was concerned about balance, particularly doing work on a ladder.

De-Stress Your Feet Under Heavy Workload: Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear

So off to work I went. On this day I loaded a 10 yard dumpster, hung a light on a 10ft ceiling (the dreaded ladder), helped carry in the refrigerator, managed the plumber, electrician and carpenter. It did take a while getting use to the spring effect of the shoes. They do help you move faster and forward with each step. A little bit of practice is required to get used to it and they do make you taller. This was a good feeling when my girlified showed up for lunch.

Going up and down the ladder was my biggest concern but the grip and stability of the boot are excellent so it was no problem at all. In fact you can use the tall heel to lock into the ladder rung for extra safety. After a few hours I forgot that I was wearing big-ass boots, and go into the project. I was reminded about the boots when I clumsily dropped a screwdriver on my foot. The boot definitely saved me from an ouch. When my 10-hour work day was done, I had logged over 19,000 steps!

I sat down for my coffee and took of the boots. My feet felt rested, de-stressed and surpassingly cool. Quite frankly, it was the best my feet felt after a day of construction work since the project began. And I don’t think I’ll ever do heavy work like this again without my Z-CoiLs. I went back to their website and now I have my eye on a pair of their Töffler Clog – Covered CoiL. They look very stylish and perfect for a night out on South Beach.

Z-CoiL Outbacker Hiker Specs:

  • Rugged outsole – durable and long lasting
  • Replaceable coils – the coils can be replaced extending the life of the shoe (replaceable coils sold separately)
  • Built-in Z-Orthotic® – protects plantar ligaments
  • Thick forefoot cushioning – cushions the ball of the foot and toes
  • Wide toe box (E width) – “sets your toes free”
  • Felt lined removable insole – conforms to your foot shape
  • Breathable mesh – keeps the foot cool
  • Padded collar and tongue – reduce foot friction
  • High quality Nubuck leather – soft and durable 
Mia Loves Z-CoiL Shoes Too

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