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Business Trips Are the Best Time to Take a Vacation

Business Trips Are the Best Time to Take a Vacation

My last business trip was for a trade show to Las Vegas – before all of this COVID stoppage came about. I had a keynote speech to give and many important meetings with industry executives. I was busy from morning until I collapsed in bed at night. When I get asked, “What happened in Vegas that stayed in Vegas?” — The answer I give is “me.” Those hoping for an answer involving booze, women or debauchery may find that a boring response, but I was alone and delighted.

On the Road Often?

I am the CEO of Luxnow, a marketplace for luxury autos, homes and yachts, and have been a single parent of five children for over 20 years. My previous gig was a $100mm business (with a successful exit). As a professional speaker, I am on the road a lot – for business. So, dedicated vacations can be very difficult to find time for. However, since business trips happen frequently, why not use that time in a multitasking way — work and respite combined?

Make a Plan

I try to carefully plan my business schedule to have time for myself every day. For me that means some alone time, enjoying a quiet, high quality dinner, taking a walk with my camera and doing some serious street photography, seeing a show, watching a movie in my hotel room or even writing and article or my book. But it doesn’t always work out that way.

Adding a day or two or three onto the end of a longer trip (even if I am in a less exciting place than Las Vegas) where I can really vacation is my preferred method. Business travelers should do it more often. I’ve already paid for the travel (or a client has paid for it, less the extra hotel days), I’ve already invested the time in making the travel plans, and I am there – no wasted time away from the kids or work getting there. It’s the most efficient short vacation I can arrange. When I rush home on the red-eye after a business trip I get home exhausted and then find myself struggling even harder to catch up — and dreading the next business trip.

Work Then Play

I have learned from the time I was a little boy, that there’s no dessert until after dinner. So, I can’t really enjoy play time until after the work days are over. Therefore, I schedule those “extra days” after the work part of the trip is over. This past Las Vegas trip, I took one only one extra day with a few good meals, rest, walking and photography. This allowed me to recharge before charging back to the airport. That turned out to be the most important day of the entire trip because it rejuvenated me.

And it seems to me a rejuvenated parent is a better parent.  And a rejuvenated business person is one that is significantly more successful.

Don’t you agree?

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