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4 Simple Ways To Build Your Own Home

4 Simple Ways To Build Your Own Home

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If you want to embark on a fulling experience that will result in your dream home, it might be time to build your own dwelling. You do need the finances to drive your self-build quest, but the result can be something extraordinary. There are many TV shows demonstrating through rose-tinted spectacles just how idyllic and awe-inspiring building your own home can be. 

While it will be a fulfilling time in your life, it will also be stressful, worrying, and cause you some sleepless nights. This is inevitable as you will be undertaking a project that is unique. Take a look at these three simple ways to build your dream pad and hopefully keep your stress at bay.

Don’t Do Too Much

When you select the plot of land where you are going to build your dwelling and you have secured planning permission, you’ll be eager to get started. You need a plan. Without a plan, you will waste money, have no order to your build, and lack the decent tradespeople that will make your project go smoothly. If you have a full-time job, you cannot simply turn up at weekends to check that the builders are getting on. You need to hire a construction manager who will oversee the project from beginning to end. They will have experience of building projects knowing the order that things need to be done and the sorts of problems that can arise. They could even take control of your budget. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure by trying to do too much. This can result in project failure.

Set A Budget

You need a realistic budget that you keep track of accurately. Every single job that needs doing from the larger foundation laying to the smaller hinges on the door needs to be listed. When you head to the wholesale DIY store, keep the receipts. While it may seem like a chore, list your expenditure on a spreadsheet every evening rather than letting the bills pile up. You need to keep track of your spending and rein in any outgoings where you can.

Big budget outlays will be for tradespeople such as decent plumbers, electricians, plasterers and builders. It’s crucial that you book these individuals well in advance and try to have them on-site at the same time. There is no point hiring a decorator if your walls have not been plastered yet. You need sound project and budgetary management skills in order to succeed with your self-build.

Do Your Research

If you are remaining in control of your budget rather than outsourcing this to a contractor, you may be in charge of buying all the necessary materials that will form the base of your new home. It’s important to make sure you’re finding the best quality, most cost-effective materials for the job. However, it will also be vital to ensure you’re purchasing the right quantities of everything you need. Buying too much can be a huge waste of money, yet you also don’t want to find yourself caught short mid-construction with not enough of a certain element to complete the job. For a start, you can use a concrete bag calculator to determine exactly how much concrete you’ll need to fill the foundation slabs for your home. After that, it’s a matter of looking closely at your plans and working out exactly what quantities, lengths, and amounts you require for each part of your new house.


When your building is up, watertight, and the exterior has been finished, it’s time to look to your interior. Remember this is not a renovation that will be sold on to make a profit, so you can allow your heart to rule your head. Don’t follow the crowds and opt for the decor that is gracing the cover of interiors magazines just because it’s in fashion. Instead, consider the style you love. If you are a traditionalist, look towards the country kitchens, restoring period features, and heading to reclamation yards. If you like the modern look, check out the latest designers, opt for a high gloss kitchen, and seek out a more minimalist feel.

Follow this guide and you will soon be building your own home and enjoying one of life’s most fulfilling experiences.

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