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Good Reasons To Work In The Gas And Oil Industry

Good Reasons To Work In The Gas And Oil Industry

So, you’re thinking about working in the oil and gas industry, that’s a great choice! The industry provides three-quarters of the UK’s primary energy, and the production in this field is expected to double by 2030. That means one thing, more job opportunities.

If you needed some help to make your decision, have a look at the five reasons below why it’s a good idea to work in the oil and gas industry: 

The Pay Is Good 

If you want to earn more than just the average salary, then this is certainly the right industry for you. 

Not only is this kind of profession included as one of the highest starting salaries in any sector, but they also continue to progress and stay lucrative as you progress in your career no matter what direction you take. 
The average salary sits at around £50,000, and with the right expertise and experience, that can move right up to six figures. You then also need to add to that a lucrative bonus scheme, financial incentives, and bonuses. There is a lot of benefits

You Can Work From Anywhere 

Well, not anywhere. But with the number of people currently employed in this industry, the number of locations you could work is unlike any other industry. The demand globally is increasing, and this reflects technological trends. There is a prediction that 1 million people will be needed to specialize in oil sands alone by the year 2035. This doesn’t include other areas of the industry, but it certainly doesn’t show any signs of slowing down at all.  

Flexible Working 

Many of the employers in the gas and oil industry are open to flexible working patterns. If you work onshore, you will usually get weekends off and work a standard Mon to Fri. 

If you work offshore though, you will normally find yourself working 12 hour days, but this will only usually be for a six week period and then you will get six weeks off. In theory, you’ll be working half the year, and what’s not to like about that?

You’ll Have Longevity

Supplies of gas and oil are not yet running low. This means that people are going to be needed to work in this industry for many more years. Even with the need for more sustainable living, there is always going to be the need to have people working at getting the most out of the world resources. 

It Is an Industry With Support

Choosing an industry in the modern day is not so easy, because almost every single one seems like it is balancing on a knife-edge. In addition to the longevity of the product, the support is there to guarantee the organization’s longevity. Whether this is through environmental stack testing or support from recruitment agencies, it is an industry that will not lose its supporters anytime soon! And as it has its share of supporters, it is an industry that has the relevant infrastructure to last much longer than any other industry.  

You, Will, Have Plenty Of Choices

If you’re interested in the ability to relocate and in bigger salaries but aren’t interested in operating machinery, there is still plenty of options in the oil and gas industry. 

You could choose to research things like an Accredited Petroleum Accountant Program Overview and move in that direction. This is because the industry is made up of much more than just technicians and Engineers. 

If you think that a job in the gas and oil industry is for you, do some research and get started. Have you looked at any opportunities? What have you found? Please share in the comments below. 

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