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Belarus 150,000 Peaceful Protestors Hoping for Freedom

Belarus 150,000 Peaceful Protestors Hoping for Freedom

There is actually a major revolution going in the world that gets relatively small attention but has huge consequences. And we need to support the PEACEFUL Protestors who are demanding freedom.

The quick version is that 26-year-in-office and despot Alexander Lukashenko just rigged an election to win after jailing his opponents and ran against the wife of one opponent, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, who fled to Lithuania the day after the election. The US, EU, Dems Republicans all side with the people. Belarus is Russia’s buffer to Europe. Putin wants to maintain influence and if Lukashenko is overthrown the country will head western. Lukashenko’s military/police have been jailing, torturing, and beating completely peaceful protests by the thousands.

Trump/Pompeo have said they will ensure a good result here, but I have seen nothing publicly yet. EU/Merkel have offered support, but we know the EU is useless ineffective even though they have the most to lose/gain. Putin rival, Russian Alexei Navalny, spoke out in support of the protest, Lukashenko blamed him for the protest and a few days ago he mysteriously was poisoned, KGB style.

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