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3 Tips for Building Your Confidence and Living a More Fulfilling Life

3 Tips for Building Your Confidence and Living a More Fulfilling Life

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There are all sorts of different problems that people face on an everyday basis, that can be extremely debilitating and difficult to try and figure out a solution to.

Easily one of the most prevalent and crushing of these issues, however, is a chronic lack of self-confidence – and the associated inactivity, sorrow, insecurity, and sense of uncertainty that comes along with that lack of self-confidence.

While you might be specifically insecure about topics such as how to get a girl, or how capable you are at excelling in your career of choice, a lack of confidence tends to be fairly broad, and to affect multiple dimensions of a person’s life at once.

While there isn’t an ironclad and perfect confidence-building solution that works for every individual, in every situation, there are some general principles that have stood the test of time and that have been advocated for by many of the most interesting and successful people in history.

Here are a few tips for building your confidence and living a more fulfilling life.

Spend more time taking action and making mistakes, and less time trying to get everything perfectly right in theory

One of the big “secrets” surrounding confidence, is that there is no way of really building it in the abstract – or in the absence of action.

It’s one thing to support your confidence-building efforts with things like positive affirmations, and with reading the right empowering literature or self-help books to give you a more positive overall outlook on things, but at some point you will only begin to feel more capable at meeting life head-on, by actually meeting life head-on.

Many people who lack confidence spend a lot of time trying to get everything perfectly right in theory, before taking action in the world around them. This is partly an avoidance behaviour, stemming from fear.

In fact, confidence is most effectively built by getting out there and taking action, making mistakes, learning from them, overcoming fear and embarrassment, and getting out there again. There is simply no substitute for action.

Confront your areas of insecurity head-on – through controlled exposure, training, etc.

The human imagination is often very good at conjuring up horrible phantoms and insecurities with regards to issues that would (often) seem far less severe if they were actually confronted head-on, and engaged with.

One of the best things you can do in order to get around your own proclivity to ruminate, is to confront your areas of insecurity head-on – via controlled exposure, training, or any number of other things.

This might include actually signing up to a martial arts class to confront your fear of being physically harmed. Or it might mean regularly putting yourself in social situations, to confront your fear of social rejection.

If you leave your insecurities unaddressed, they’ll continue to haunt you with imaginary horrors.

Relax and work on enjoying life experiences for what they are, rather than always trying to guard a certain self-image

Issues surrounding self-confidence are often driven by a very firm desire to nurture and hold onto a particular self-image, at all costs.

While everyone should certainly try and live in a way that is in line with their values, and with the kind of person they want to be, it’s a bad idea to get overly obsessed with how other people view you.

Among other things, you simply don’t have any way of ensuring that every person in the world ends up viewing you in the way you want to. There’s nothing you can do that will create a common impression among all people.

Instead of concentrating on guarding a certain self-image at all costs, work on relaxing and enjoying life experiences for what they are, and learning as you go along.

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