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Moving In With Your Partner

Moving In With Your Partner

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Moving in with a partner is a big life choice. You go from your own independent spaces to a shared space where you share your lives. Intimacy will rise, privacy will likely reduce. So, you’re going to have to get used to this change to make the whole thing work. Here are a few areas to focus on to make sure that everything to do with your move runs as smoothly as possible!

Make Sure You’re Both Ready

There really is no point in rushing into moving in together. Both of you need to be completely ready for this change to make sure that it works and doesn’t result in clashes and confrontations. Generally speaking, it’s best to only move in together when your relationship is well established, when you both know each other really well and you’re used to spending extended periods of time together in the same space. Try going on holiday together or spending a few weeks at one another’s homes before jumping into the deep end. This will give you a better idea of whether you’re happy and ready to be under each other’s feet or not.

Making the Most of Space

If you’ve gone from living alone to living with a partner, chances are you’re going to notice that you have a lot less space to work with. Whether that’s space moving around the property or space for storage. Rather than being able to sprawl across the sofa, you’re now going to find yourself sharing most of the time. Rather than having a full wardrobe to hang your clothes in, you may find yourself with half. The key to avoiding confrontation over this is to make the most of space in your property. Being clever with your design choices can ensure that everything can work seamlessly. Opting for interior sliding barn doors can open up space in the room that was previously reserved to allow doors to open fully. This means you may be able to get a larger corner sofa that you can both stretch out on. Opting for a corner wardrobe can create more space than a free standing wardrobe, creating rails and shelves for all of your clothes.

Give Each Other Space

This may seem easier said than done if you’re both living in a relatively small space, but giving each other space while living together is important. Head out individually to spend time with friends every so often. This will give you a break from one anothers’ constant company and will give you a chance to miss each other a little. Sometimes, people can begin to feel overwhelmed when they’re in the same person’s presence all of the time. Having space can reduce arguments and help each of you to maintain a level of independence within your relationship.

If you’re considering making the leap and moving in together, congratulations! Hopefully, some of the above advice will help you along the way!

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