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3 Ways To Ensure Your Office Is Safe Post-COVID-19

3 Ways To Ensure Your Office Is Safe Post-COVID-19

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With the current COVID-19 pandemic there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding office work. Over the past eight months, office workers have been working at home to make sure business can carry on as best as it can and to ensure employee safety. Moving forward, businesses will want to look at ways in which they can have office workers return to the workplace into a safe environment. This means you will need to get your business COVID-ready. In this post, we will look at three ways you can make necessary changes to your office to meet the safety measures which now need to be put in place. 

Provide face masks and hand sanitizer

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to minimize the spread of coronavirus is to provide your employees with face masks and hand sanitizers. You can install hand sanitizer dispensers in the most commonly used areas such as the entrance/exit, the kitchen, meeting rooms, and toilet areas. It is important to make sure that your hand sanitizer can kill all the necessary gems and bacteria associated with COVID-19. If the hand sanitizer you choose has been tested adequately in a chemical laboratory you can be assured that it will provide the required protection to keep your staff safe. You will also need to make sure that these stations are topped up regularly.

Encourage social distancing 

When employees are back in the office, you will need to take precautions to ensure their safety is maintained. You can do this by implementing a one-way system around the office which will enable employees to keep their distance from each other without limiting their movement. This can be done by putting the appropriate markings on the floor to indicate which way employees need to walk. As another option you can add social distancing floor stickers on tile or use reminder posters to raise awareness about the pandemic. In addition to demonstrating your commitment to employee safety, it can reduce anxiety related to COVID19. Having the right signage around the office will minimize the contact people have with each other. It’s best to implement a staff rotation so employees won’t be in the office all at once. If possible, move desks further apart to ensure social distance measures are met. 

Deep clean often

To minimize the spread of the virus you will need to conduct a deep clean of your office regularly. You will need to ensure that all surfaces including door handles, handrails, desks, keyboards, telephones, printers, etc are all wiped down with antibacterial sprays or disinfectants. This will minimize the risk of the infection being spread through indirect contact. Ideally, this should be done on a daily basis, but if that is not possible a deep clean of the office should be undertaken at least once every couple of days. Ask employees to wipe down their own desks throughout the day and make sure they clean up after themselves in the kitchen area. 

These are three ways you can ensure your office is as safe as possible for your employees to return to the workplace post-COVID-19. By creating a safe environment in your office, employees will be able to work without the stress and worry of catching the virus. 

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